Sunday, November 7, 2010 ❣

Joanne's Wedding ♥

Helloo peepos! :)
Lazy to update about yesterday's steamboat party. Skipp okay? OKAY! xD
Just back from cousin Joanne's wedding ceremony. One word. AWW! So much tears and laughters. I was sitting @ VIP table! Haha! And i loved her touching speech D: And ahh, sit in front of them can see them do a lot of sweet sweet things. TEEHEE!

Wedding was held at Tropicana Golf Club, i think. The houses there are like crazy huge man! Wtf! Like a princess palace! MUMMY DADDY I WANT! D:

Anywayy, this is not a wedding dinner, its lunch. So i had to do my hair the day before. Haha. because i'm lazy to wake up early. But still, i end up waking up at 6am -__-

Okay! I personally don't own an electric hair curler. Nor do i own those round circular thingys you put in your hair to make them curly. So i had to improvise. And my mom came up with an awesome idea, chopsticks! lol.

Apply plenty of wax/gel on your hair and twist in on a chopstick. Then clip it and leave it overnight. lol. You can imagine how hard to sleep. Haha! Beh tahan. But what to do? x)

Take it out the next morning and it curls! 

But remember to apply more wax/gel another time before you take the chopsticks off. And if you can, also blow dry it. 

Or else you'll end up like me. The curls only last a while ):

Okay let pictures talk :)
Sister Euwern

Brother Eugene

Andrew & Joanne 

Daddy & mummy xD

VIP table ah mm goi x) Haha! Sit with the married couple and Andrew's guai lou family.

So beautiful :) And to my awesome photography skills x)

Haha! Euwern & I had nothing to do.

Love you daddy! x)

Went to Joanne's house before we went home. Damn candid ah this pic. Haha! 

Sorry my lovely readers, i totally forgotten to take pictures of the delicious food! Haha! Cause i was scoffing down every bit of it like some retarded cow that hasn't eaten in thirty thousand years. Hoho! Forgive me :)

KaiChen finally reload his phone. Cause lately during these few days, both our phone have expired credit, can't make any phone calls out ): So ahh, i bored to death lo. Haha! But now i'm happy. Have school the day after tomorrow. Definitely not skipping cause i have a dance competition this weekend and must practice practice practice!

Overall i had fun, today has turn out to be yet another FAT DAY :) 

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