Monday, November 22, 2010 ❣

My gigantic domo!

Feel like i haven't been blogging in ages. Oh well :P
Elastyx made it into the finals! Please come to Mines Splash Park, Level 5 on the 27th of November from 1pm onwards to watch us perform. And also cheer for us! We need you! Because the team that has the loudest crowd cheer can win another prize. Please come and support us!

Yesterday went to Time Square, Sungei Wang & Pavilion with 16Passion & the super boyf to celebrate Enyii, Daniel & Eugene's birthday! Although its their birthday, they did something very touching for me. I almost cry. But i couldn't cry in public xD 

My friends surprised me with a gigantic DOMO-KUN! And what about that small one? My super boyfriend bought me a Domo pencil case! I love them so much! 

Now we'll let pictures talk :D

My love. Haha!

Had lunch @ BBQ Plaza

See my cute Enyii! 

Everyone fighting for one ... Is that a prawn? LOL!

Watched Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows @ Pavilion with super boyf! ♥ He didn't understand a thing because he doesn't like harry Potter. Haha! But he accompanied me anyway. Awww. Rate it a 9/10 . Can't wait for part 2! :]

Dined @ Wong Kok. LOL! I look like a cow that hasn't eaten for years -.-

So that's all. Have nothing to do at home ): No activities at all. Maybe gonna buy school uniform for Euwen later. Haha!  I think imma gain weight this holiday. Sighh. 

AngKaiChen says tooodles!

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