Monday, November 29, 2010 ❣

Sugar Glider for a pet?

Hello everyone! 
Holiday is really killing me. I'm so bored. Hmphh! FML!
I can't wait to go to Thailand this December! TEEHEE! 

Everyone, this is a Sugar Glider! :)
It may look cute to some of you but i think it looks gross. LOL. Sorry. Don't take it personally my dears. Haha! I started to fear these kind of things since i was very young. 'Things' like rats, mouse, hamsters, squirrel and apparently sugar gliders as well. My greatest phobia are things that are mice related. Ewww.  

Anyway, why am i suddenly blogging about this 'cute' looking thing? Because a few months ago Calvin bought a sugar glider. Her name is Calcium. She shits on peoples shirts and she makes these type of screeching noise when a stranger tries to get close to her. Its a very annoying sound. LOL!

But overall, a sugar glider would make a lovely pet if you like hamsters or rats. Thumbs up! :D Sugar gliders make endearing, playful, and entertaining pets. Their nails are sharp and will scratch if they need to dig in while climbing or landing on you. So you better keep them well trimmed! :)

Gliders adore being near their owners, inside a shirt or in a pocket :) 
Tip : Wear two shirts and let the glider hang out between them, 
or else their claws will tickle or scratch!

They're one heck of a devoted companion! :D


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