Monday, November 8, 2010 ❣

Taiko Drum Master!

Hi everyone!
Yes i'm blogging again. Pfftt. Well, i've nothing to do :) I miss you dearrrr.
Anyway, you know when you go to an arcade and you'll see a cute little Japanese drum game. That one that has red and blue drums. Its called Taiko Drum Master!

The one that looks like this when you play! 

Yeah, I like playing that. Haha! But sometimes i'm just afraid other people will laugh at me when i play at arcade. Scared people will say i suck at this game or maybe even i'm too OLD to play it. LOL! So i usually don't play when there's a lot of people around. But i really like it! >.< I know most of you feel this way too. Haha.

I found a solution! TEEHEE! My sister's friend has the PS2 game. So i asked my sister to borrow it from her. Wheee! Although its not the real thing but at least i can play. Haha! No more playing in shame! x)

It is super nice to play! Especially 2 player mode. And the little drum's can talk. Haha! But usually when we go to arcades, the little drums speak in freaking Japanese. Can't understand >.< But they speak ENGLISH in this disc! Woohoo! I'm very happy. Hehe! Going to find some friends to come over to my place and play with me x)

And did you guys noticed i added a facebook 'like' button on top of my post. Hehe. LIKE IT PLEASE! Its so cool and its so fun! Why? Because when you like, i can see your name and go to your profile as well. Start clicking beautiful readers! 

Going to enjoy my Japanese drum game now. Hehe

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