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The graduation stage

Watch this!!

My baby soooooo cuteee! Can you see? Did you see? He was looking at me!
OMGGG! I wanna kiss him! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I didn't notice this until mom told me. Friday was my brother Eugene's high school graduation. Sunday was my youngest sister Eueve's kindergarten graduation. And this coming Tuesday is my younger sister Euwern's primary school graduation. Haha! # of them are graduating at the same time x)

Anyway, imma start from Friday!

Friday, 12 November
SMK Seksyen 3 Bandar Kinrara, form five's graduation. Had loads of fun! We performed Lucifer & BoomBoomPow. Okay. After performing on stage so many times, & yes i really mean so many times. This is the one and only time i felt satisfied! WOW! The feeling was awesome! Maybe its because we choreograph it ourselves. After the ceremony ended, Elastyx went to Daniel's dance studio to practice for our audition the next day .I'll try to upload our performance video if i get the chance. Click here to view the rest of the photos.


I'm flying! xD

I love my brother x) But look at my shit face! haha

I look so yeng! LOL!

The Nicholas

The Daniel

The Jiayan

The Melissa

The Melissa, Eunice & Daniel in the studio

Saturday, 13 November
Elastyx Audition for talent competition day! I set my phone alram to ring me at 6am. But guess what? I woke up at 6am. Went downstairs and found out that it was only 5am! The time on my phone is faster by an hour. Dang it! BABYJENN came to my house around 8am to fetch me. Had a vegetarian breakfast with her mom. *licks*

There were so many participants there! But non of them dance as good as us. LOL! haha! Joking la. I mean there was only one team that caught my eye. And their not even in the same category as us x) Haha! And i was also VERY SATISFIED with out performance! Very confident in myself! Click here to view the rest of the photos.

See my Jiajia so cuteee x)

Cute Kenderlin


I look so tanned beside her.

Can anyone find Jiajia? x)


Sunday, 14 November
Tadika SKS Graduation day. Went to youngest sister Eueve's kindergarten graduation. Saw so many cute and talented kids! Emphasis on the cute part. haha. I feel like eating them! Nothing much to elaborate about. So there x) Haha!

The one on the left is my sis. Haha!

See! She's so tall and fat. And look at the way she stand! xD

Can you find my sister? haha

This little boy is soooo cutee! He was singing the 放学 song.

My sister told me this girl always bully her. Haha! But she is soooo cute!! xD

Emmm. Boring at home. I have nothing to do ): Ahh. Just can play in the pool. haha! My mom went to The Mines and bought one of those kid swimming pool air things. And brother, my youngest sister and I keep throwing toys inside and play! HAHAHA! Enjoy!

Anyway, like i said earlier, i think we did great in our audition! But lets just hope and pray that the 3 judges think the same too. Pray that we are qualified for finals! GO ELASTYX GO!

Eugene's Graduation done!
Eueve's Graduation done!
Next stop, Euwern's Graduation!
Haha! Mine have to wait till next year x)

Singing out now!

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