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Thailand Trip.

Bonjour everyone! Its the last day of 2010! *jumps up & down* And its the perfect time to be updating about my Thailand Trip. Hatyai was awesome! But i can't upload all the pictures. 900 la okay? You tell me la, how to upload? Don't chi sin please.
First things first, I seriously ate A LOT of Tom yam soup and chilli padi there. Damn syok! You know la, i love to eat spicy food. My lips was so red and swollen. Even their tomyam cup noodles and spicy man! OMG! Damn nice. Should've brought some back!

Christmas is near.

Bonjour again!
Second post of the day. See my blog header! It's a little off tho. But of course la! I made it in only half an hour. Because my brother was rushing me. Not only my blog header has change. My blog icon and my mouse cursor too! Hehe. Christmas is near, therefore blog has to change for this special holiday. Teehee!

Can you feel it? That warm Christmas feeling coming from my blog? lol. What am i talking about. And don't ask me about that 'Merry Christ' on my blog header. Its a long story. Long and lame.

This layout is just temporary :D Until Christmas is over. TEEHEE! :D
Just here to tell everyone that my blog had a makeover. Comment please :)

My 5th vegetarian day.

Bonjour everyone! My looks a little curly right? Just a little, because i combed all of it away. Saw Huiwen's picture, her curly hair's so nice. But mine, EPIC FAIL! It made my hair look so much shorter! I want to kill her. Grrr.
Anyway, I look so happy in the picture right? But deep deep down, i'm really super happy. Really, I am. Why? Because i haven't ate any meat in 5 days! Round of applause please! :] Two more days and that's a week! You guys might think its an easy job, but it really is tough. There are so many obstacles to overcome. And what are those obstacles? Yeapp, my family. Sometimes i have the feeling then only person supporting this decision of mine is my mom. My dad, sisters & brother are always seducing me with foods. Haha! 
The 1st day - Ate and apple and a cup of milo for the whole day. Geng leh? At night, family brought home McDonald! Wtff. The burgers look so juicy. *drools* But I endure. haha!
The 3rd day - Ate carrot and cucumber sticks fo…

[Video] Vegetarians.

Hi everyone.  I'm super mad now! The stupid GLEE EPISODE 11 is coming out on FEBRUARY 2011! wft. Have to wait for so fucking long man! I have to kill someone to release my anger! GRRRR! 
Anyway, i have some important news. I've been thinking about this for quite some time already. And now, i've finally made my decision. Tomorrow will be my first say as a VEGETARIAN! I mean, there's no harm in trying right? Lets hope i can last a week without meat. The reason why i made this decision is at the bottom of this post. Keep reading!
Will update about my Genting Trip now. But seriously, i really can't remember what i did. Stml. lol. So i will just upload pictures and maybe add some captions :D Went on the 13th, came back on the 15th. It was freezing cold. 
Imagine. No more lamb chop once imma vegetarian ):
No more fish and chips too ):
Sister Euwern and brother at the back :D
This was supper. Omg. How fattening :O But YAY for chocolate sundae!
Smoking is a big NO NO peopl…

My tour on SuperStar Libra.

My mom gave me a terrible shock the other day. REALLY REALLY SHOCKED! She told me i was a far relative of Alvis Kong. I was like ohmygawd waddaafarkkk. 没有可能! But my mom wasn't joking. Turns out Alvis is my uncle's cousin's son. We're not blood related tho. I only started to believe her when she told me my uncle attended Alvis' mourning ceremony.
So the long chain will be Alvis Kong is my mother's sister's husband's cousin's son.
Its a small world after all.

*skip skip*

I slept at 5am and have been forced to wake up at 10am this morning. We went to Subang to pick up my uncle and aunt. Haha. I like it when uncle and aunties talk xD Damn funnyyy!

Uncle : *tells me our whole relationship with Alvis* lazy to elaborate
Aunt : He is so stupid la. He has the courage to suicide but doesn't have the courage to live on. And he quite handsome. Mom : Eh eunice! If you want to jump ah. Please ah. Jump from a higher building. Cause if you ju…

Mashed up.

Hello creatures!
Here i am blogging, again. I feel kinda lifeless. Oh well, no one shits :] Btw, like my blog music? Queen of mars. From Phineas and Ferb x) It was actually Gitchi-Gitchi-Goo, but i got sick of it. Haha! Might be putting it here for a while. Until i'm bored with it. haha! You can turn it off it you want :D

Guessing you all know my sister Wendy Goh Eu Wern. She'll be thirteen next year. She has this sick obsession of drawing mad fugly pictures of other people. Note : This is not the first time this has happened.
Last night while i was on facebook. She was sitting beside me. Staring at me with a book and pencil. After a few moments, she asked me to look at it. Wtf. There it was, a girl with bushy hair, a mustache, in a bikini and with the caption and an arrow pointing 'This is Eunice'. You can just imagine how hideous it was. She does this every time she's bored. And the annoying part about this whole thing is that SHE ONLY DRAWS ME! Wtf. Not my broth…

Alviss Kong. Memory is the cause of pain.

After a break up, the thing that can get that bucket of tears outta your eyes is always the memories. Each and every second you spent with each other. All the pictures you took together. Would you commit suicide because of it?

I'm kinda lazy to reblog it. Read this blog. Please click here :)
I know you think i'm slow. But i've already saw this news yesterday and didn't have time to blog about it. I bet many of you already know. But imma burst out my thoughts anyway. Bear with me.

His name is Alviss Kong aged 22, he jumped off a high building because his girlfriend wanted to break up with him. They are such a beautiful couple. Well, I don't know them or their arguments and such. By the appearance and my perspective, they look really happy together. But either way, this is really not the right thing to do ): A real tragic lost. His family and friends must be going through hell now. And not forgetting his girlfriend. I'm guessing everyone's putting the blame …

妈,对不起 我爱你

Here i am again. Blogging like some lifeless ass. I'm sorry but I need to release something ):
亲爱的妈妈,看见您为了我们而早出晚归,我的心不禁地感到惭愧。您是位好母亲,而我却不是个好女儿。您尽了做母亲的责任,但我却没。我是个不孝女。我对您说过的谎言多不胜数。我好伤心 我好难过 我好痛苦 我好惭愧。
Mii,我已不想再欺骗您了。我与他早在年头就在一起了。对不起我的好妈妈。我爱你。可是我却不会表现出来我对你的爱。 那天您突然问起他的事,我感到您已开始接受了他。我感到很开心,也终于放下心头大石。可是再想回,我没告诉过您我跟他的事。也许您只当他是我的朋友。 我感到很无奈 很无助。不懂如何是好。继续欺骗还是把实话说出来呢?
Mii,我希望您会以我为荣,我好想成为您心目中超级好女儿。我该怎样做呢?  我也为了这件事而感到很烦 很想哭。我真的不懂要怎样做?我很无助。
你们觉得呢?=( I'm am so stressed out right now.
Shut up about how bad my chinese is =X
Special thanks to Nicholas Lai Ken Hong for following my blog.  I'll try my best to 'inspire' you to create your own one.

Blogging in chinese :]

昨晚JENNIFER TAG我很多照片。有一张很YONGSHUI 啊! 我的样子很像那些整容失败了的人. LOL! 
好奇吧?我突然用华语写BLOG. 第一次! 第一次! xD 想知道为什么吗?因为啊... 因为啊... 因为我在做实验 xD  我想知道写了华语过后我的VISITOR会增加还是减少。This experiment may last for a few days. Mhmm.. 假期的日子好无聊啊. 想出去可是又没有钱. 整天就在家发霉.  妹妹去了表弟家过夜. Heheheheeh!!  我很开心咯!HAHA! 不用跟她抢电脑. 可是将久没听到她的声音,有点不惯.
我觉得我用华语写BLOG很闷. 而且我也不懂要写什么 =X  OK啦! OK啦! 不是我不懂要写什么. 是我的华语很差 xD 可是我可以写到将多已经算很好了咯. TEEHEEE!
我现在的心情很好 =D 因为我觉得我的BLOG很美 xD 哈哈!

我开始想念ELASTYX! ): 谁叫那些人一直UPLOAD我们的照片D: *sad face*

OMG this is such a boring post D:
So sorry, 浪费了你们的5分钟.

A new month! :D