Friday, December 10, 2010 ❣

Alviss Kong. Memory is the cause of pain.

After a break up, the thing that can get that bucket of tears outta your eyes is always the memories. Each and every second you spent with each other. All the pictures you took together. Would you commit suicide because of it?

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I know you think i'm slow. But i've already saw this news yesterday and didn't have time to blog about it. I bet many of you already know. But imma burst out my thoughts anyway. Bear with me.

His name is Alviss Kong aged 22, he jumped off a high building because his girlfriend wanted to break up with him. They are such a beautiful couple. Well, I don't know them or their arguments and such. By the appearance and my perspective, they look really happy together. But either way, this is really not the right thing to do ): A real tragic lost. His family and friends must be going through hell now. And not forgetting his girlfriend. I'm guessing everyone's putting the blame on her. He should've thought of her before he did something like this. He left many notes and clues before his death. It was for one, saddening. And also scary.

Frankly speaking, I know the thought of committing suicide was once in your head before. Even me, it could be because of your family, friends, relationships, studies etc. But is it worth it? After doing something so useless like that. What do you get? Nothing.

To my friends & family,
Please don't ever do such thing. You'll drag all your family, friends and everyone that loves you to hell. All your loved ones will go through a rough time. And if any of you ever try to do this, i swear i will revive you and then kill you again to show you how much i love you! Please don't ever do this to me.

Rest in peace Alvis Kong. My deepest condolence for his family & friends 

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