Saturday, December 18, 2010 ❣

Elastyx is very boring.

This is the beautiful blueberry cake Jenn baked for Elastyx. nomm nomm :P Went to Jia's house for her pool party & also steamboat party yesterday. But yeah, you know lar. I'm a vegetarian and can't eat much. I can't even drink the soup. Pfftt. So her mom special made a 'si yao' soup for me. HAHA! Had fun although there was nothing to do at her house xD I noticed something damn cacat about Elastyx, we always play board games & poker cards. Every time when there's nothing to do. The board games suddenly will come out. lol! Can you guys be anymore boring? Haha! No offence. I LOVE YOU GUYS :P

Can't wait for Christmas! Presents! Wheee. And there's one more thing, our 8th month-aversary just happened to be on the same day as Christmas! Woots! Double the presents x) Mhmmm.. What am i going to give my suizaibao? :P

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Can't think of anything to write.
Stay tuned to my next post!
Au revoir!

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