Saturday, December 11, 2010 ❣

Mashed up.

Hello creatures!
Here i am blogging, again. I feel kinda lifeless. Oh well, no one shits :] Btw, like my blog music? Queen of mars. From Phineas and Ferb x) It was actually Gitchi-Gitchi-Goo, but i got sick of it. Haha! Might be putting it here for a while. Until i'm bored with it. haha! You can turn it off it you want :D

Guessing you all know my sister Wendy Goh Eu Wern. She'll be thirteen next year. She has this sick obsession of drawing mad fugly pictures of other people. Note : This is not the first time this has happened. 

Last night while i was on facebook. She was sitting beside me. Staring at me with a book and pencil. After a few moments, she asked me to look at it. Wtf. There it was, a girl with bushy hair, a mustache, in a bikini and with the caption and an arrow pointing 'This is Eunice'. You can just imagine how hideous it was. She does this every time she's bored. And the annoying part about this whole thing is that SHE ONLY DRAWS ME! Wtf. Not my brother or my youngest sister. Just me! 

Like seriously? One picture is more than enough. But not for her. She'll draw and draw and draw. Picture after picture. Well frankly until she's satisfied. And then she'll roll on the ground and laugh her ass off. No joke. This is a serious matter. I mean really, what do 12 year old girls do nowadays. Tsk tsk. Visit her blog. All her fugly pictures are there. Click here!

Anyway, I've been sleeping at 4am every night. But last night was a lil special. I slept and 6am and my baobei didn't accompany me. He was real tired :D I was stranded in my room with my annoying sister. Yes yes, I was really bored. So i edited banyak pictures! BOOM! 

Haha. Yeah. I was really crazy bored. I feel the blue and green damn fake -___- I don't really like the blue one -_- MY SCREWED FACE. I like the purple one tho :D My photoshop skill ain't that good yet. Give me more time.  No, my bangs are not that long. I just forced them to the side because they were poking my eyes.

Happy Birthday Hilary Gio! 
You're officially twenty. TEEHEE! 
Have a blast on this special day of yours & may all your wishes com true dear.

Note for all my schooling readers :
Do beneficial things rather than staying home and rotting in front of your computer! Get a job, walk your dog, eat a cat, live with a hobo. I don't care. Because sitting in front of that computer will gain you weight. LOL! *what english is this. haha!* You don't wanna be a fatty now do you? NO! No one wants to be a fatty! So get out of your house. Get some fresh air and


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