Monday, December 20, 2010 ❣

My 5th vegetarian day.

Bonjour everyone! My looks a little curly right? Just a little, because i combed all of it away. Saw Huiwen's picture, her curly hair's so nice. But mine, EPIC FAIL! It made my hair look so much shorter! I want to kill her. Grrr.

Anyway, I look so happy in the picture right? But deep deep down, i'm really super happy. Really, I am. Why? Because i haven't ate any meat in 5 days! Round of applause please! :] Two more days and that's a week! You guys might think its an easy job, but it really is tough. There are so many obstacles to overcome. And what are those obstacles? Yeapp, my family. Sometimes i have the feeling then only person supporting this decision of mine is my mom. My dad, sisters & brother are always seducing me with foods. Haha! 

The 1st day - Ate and apple and a cup of milo for the whole day. Geng leh? At night, family brought home McDonald! Wtff. The burgers look so juicy. *drools* But I endure. haha!

The 3rd day - Ate carrot and cucumber sticks for lunch and dinner. At night, dad brought us to Tony Roma's. Ahhh! Those ribs and steaks. So delicious! But all i could do was watch them eat while munching on some mash potatos.

The 1st & 3rd day was the worst. Other days i'd just stay in my room with my computer. Not much challenge. Eating foods like mushrooms, taufu and more vegetables -_- Meat! I miss you so much! Don't worry baby, i'll be back for you!

I've been eating a lot of mushrooms. And i mean A LOT! I'm so sick of it! I celebrated that tang yuan thingy at my cousin's house yesterday. So much meat! I can't eat anything at all ): Its really saddening. They all looks so tasty! At that very moment, i really feel like slaughtering someone! But can't, I must finish the stupid vegetarian task! No second thoughts!

But this afternoon, i just found out something that made me very very furious! This feeling is really indescribable. Its that feeling of chopping someone's head off! (Woah! Second time.) For all the 4 days, whenever i was hungry at night, i would cut some cucumber for myself to munch on. Just because of this stupid thing, made me feel like i've been wasting my time!
I FOUND A WHOLE PACKET OF VEGETARIAN NOODLES IN ONE OF THE CUPBOARDS! omgwtf! I've suffered for 4 days. Damn angry! Mom said 'Now that you've got your noodles, you can go on for two months right?' I didn't answer her and pretended the was joking. Ahh! It feels like i haven't eaten any rice in a long time. How do vegetarians live! ):

Like i said. No second thoughts. Must finish this task :D
No doubt, this is a real boring post. 

Au revoir!

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