Sunday, December 12, 2010 ❣

My tour on SuperStar Libra.

My mom gave me a terrible shock the other day. REALLY REALLY SHOCKED! She told me i was a far relative of Alvis Kong. I was like ohmygawd waddaafarkkk. 没有可能! But my mom wasn't joking. Turns out Alvis is my uncle's cousin's son. We're not blood related tho. I only started to believe her when she told me my uncle attended Alvis' mourning ceremony.

So the long chain will be
Alvis Kong is my mother's sister's husband's cousin's son.

Its a small world after all.

*skip skip*

I slept at 5am and have been forced to wake up at 10am this morning. We went to Subang to pick up my uncle and aunt. Haha. I like it when uncle and aunties talk xD Damn funnyyy!

Uncle : *tells me our whole relationship with Alvis* lazy to elaborate
Aunt : He is so stupid la. He has the courage to suicide but doesn't have the courage to live on. And he quite handsome.
Mom : Eh eunice! If you want to jump ah. Please ah. Jump from a higher building. Cause if you jump but didn't die, you sure will suffer one i tell you. Cause if you live, you will live with broken bones, no arms and no legs.
Dad : WHAT!? Are you encouraging our daughter to commit suicide? CRAZY AH! CHI MA GAN!

HAHA! Anyway, we took off and headed to Port Klang with my uncle and aunt. We went there to visit my cousin sister Karmun. She's working on a cruise ship called SuperStar Libra. She gave us a tour of the big big big ship! Haha! Didn't took much pictures.

With my marder

A ship on a ship! Get it? HAHAHA.

This is the crew's cabin. Damn cluster phobic okay. The room is so goddamn small! Seriously.
But this is only for the crew. Passenger's cabin are slightly bigger. Haha.

But over all the ship was good :D Big and clean. Well except for this part where Karmun brought us to see when the laundry is kept. That place was one word : S T I N K Y ! The people there are really nice :) I mean the workers. They'd greet you everytime they see you. Awww. Haha. But with a very perverted smile on their faces xD

After that we went to Jowie's house :D Mom said we're only going there to pick up somethings. But we end up staying there for quite a while. LOL! And you know me la. Non stop playing with Joern's DSLR x) Haha! I kept begging dad to buy for me.

Oh i feel like slapping myself in the face. 

I'm starting to adore my smile. Even if my teeth is not even. Mom always tell me : SPECIAL MA! Haha!

See my fake angry face :D Oh well, so this is your extraordinary and lame but cool blogger :)

After all the drama, we had Bak Kut Teh for dinner @ Subang. And then it's home sweet home! Ahemm. Did you guys noticed something? It didn't rain at all today! It was so fugging HOT! ): How was your day? :D

I'm going to Genting again tomorrow. TEEHEEHEEWEEEE!


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