Friday, December 24, 2010 ❣

Surprise 8th month present! ♥

Went to FGA CYC's Christmas party today. The people there were damn enthusiastic. lol. And not to mention friendly. Great experience. The drama was great, tho the speech was a lil boring. Mhmm. Maybe it's cause i don't understand almost half of what they were saying. lol. I finally reached home @ 1am. Not gonna elaborate.

Today i received my ADVANCE CHRISTMAS & 8TH MONTH-AVERSARY PRESENT♥ ♥ I received a very very HUGE & very very HEAVY gift from him today.Trust me. It's much more bigger than in pictures!

And when i opened it! 

And inside the bagpack was hundreds of sweets and lollipops! And also one of my favourite chocolate!

And not forgetting! There was a note. Not gonna show you :P NEHH xD In between the note was this!
Spot the Ultrman! xD 

Thank you s.angkaichen. You really made me speechless when i open the gift! Well, not exactly. I couldn't stop screaming! HAHA! Happy advanced 8th month-aversary & Christmas! Damn qiao! Our 8th month just so happened to fall on the day of Christmas! Wheeee. Macam mana celebrate?

I may not know what love is. But if i do, it's because of you. You bring such special meaning to my life. Today, i realized something about myself. You're the only boy i see. What is love? Well, i guess love is what i call me and you :) Cause what you don't understand is I'd catch a grenade for you. *Psshh. As if x)*

Ewww. Ickyy icky xD Anyway, really really terima kasih! AINISOMUCHMYCHAXIUBAO! I've already said everything to you. Words can't describe this feeling inside me now. ilysgdfm!

Mwahx! My family thanks you 
for their Christmas present too! 

Peeeee Christmas Eve everyone!

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