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Thailand Trip.

Bonjour everyone!
Its the last day of 2010! *jumps up & down* And its the perfect time to be updating about my Thailand Trip. Hatyai was awesome! But i can't upload all the pictures. 900 la okay? You tell me la, how to upload? Don't chi sin please.

First things first, I seriously ate A LOT of Tom yam soup and chilli padi there. Damn syok! You know la, i love to eat spicy food. My lips was so red and swollen. Even their tomyam cup noodles and spicy man! OMG! Damn nice. Should've brought some back!

Second, they don't use taxi there is Hatyai. They use some thing called a tut tut car! xD Such a funny name. And this is how it looks like. The back and side is all open aired. Haha. A bit susah when it's raining la. Great experience tho!

Went to Jowie's house @ 7pm. I stopped my vegetarian diet for 3 days. wtflol. It felt so good eating meat again! *icks* Was very very excited about the trip! The only thing that brought me down is knowing i'd have  my butt glued to the chair for 7 FREAKING HOURS! Damn chi sin! Went up the bus and saw many old peoples. LOL! The bus stopped many times. 2 times each at Ipoh, Kedah, Perlis etc. And of course you know la, I slept in the bus like a pig! Haha! Finally reach Hatyai @ 6am the next day. Time passed by fast :D

At jowie's house
I look like a 病人. LOL!

Reached the custom at 6am. After that the tour guide brought us for our breakfast and also to many many temples. Temples always smell weird. Anyway, it was cooling in the morning! Haha. The tour guide also brought us to many stores selling old people food & meds. lol! Checked into our hotel @ 2pm.

All my relatives went too, so they were around 20 family members. And guess what? We almost took up the whole 2nd floor of the hotel! HAHA! There's a whole street of stores just outside our hotel. Something like Petaling street (chi chiong gai). I bought so many nice clothes! Love Hatyai! We shopped till night. And had McDonald PORK BURGER for dinner. PORK AHH! So nice! Too bad Malaysia tak ada ): Walk out to 7Eleven to buy cup noodles for supper. The things selling in Hatyai's 7Eleven is slightly cheaper than M'sia.

Don't ask me. I have no idea what were we doing either O.O

The thai name for Sprike. Look so weird! hahaha

Woke up @ 7am. Walked to the nearby stall and had breakfast. Their 'yao zha guai' very very mini one! Haha! So cute. It has the same shape at the 'yao zha guai' in M'sia but just very very tiny. The bus arrived at our hotel @ 9am. And the tour guide brought us to the dragon place there xD (Idk the name of the place) But its a very beautiful beach :) Despite the fact that the trees and half dead due to the previous flood. lol. After that we took a TUT TUT CAR to a big big pasar. (another chi chiong gai look-alike) Parents went for massage. And we went to a pub at night. Many lengluis. Surprisingly i only saw one aqua.

Waaa model material ah

Woke up @ 7am again. Had breakfast and then we left Hatyai. On the way back the tour guide played some games with us. After that, all those old ladies and ahpo sing karaoke. OMG! The speaker was just beside me. So loud! And their singing is not that nice and not to mention they are singing all those old song. Gek sei yan! About 2 hours later, they finally stopped. We reach Jowie's house @ 8pm. Bid our goodbyes. Before we went home, we stopped by Mcdonald and had supper. HAHA!

*No pictures. Camera ran outta battery*

Finally done! Now wasn't that nice? I've bought so many clothings. I love my new pink maxi skirt! ♥ ♥ ♥ Now I want to go to Taiwan & Korea! >.< Nywayss, I just came back from my school & also Seksyen 4 :) Bought books & fetch my sister to her orientation. School's gonna start in 3 days time. What am i gonna do in this 3 days? Mhmm. 

Anyway, taaaa.

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