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[Video] Vegetarians.

Hi everyone. 
I'm super mad now! The stupid GLEE EPISODE 11 is coming out on FEBRUARY 2011! wft. Have to wait for so fucking long man! I have to kill someone to release my anger! GRRRR! 

Anyway, i have some important news. I've been thinking about this for quite some time already. And now, i've finally made my decision. Tomorrow will be my first say as a VEGETARIAN! I mean, there's no harm in trying right? Lets hope i can last a week without meat. The reason why i made this decision is at the bottom of this post. Keep reading!

Will update about my Genting Trip now. But seriously, i really can't remember what i did. Stml. lol. So i will just upload pictures and maybe add some captions :D Went on the 13th, came back on the 15th. It was freezing cold. 

Imagine. No more lamb chop once imma vegetarian ):

No more fish and chips too ):

Sister Euwern and brother at the back :D

This was supper. Omg. How fattening :O But YAY for chocolate sundae!

Smoking is a big NO NO people! 

Sister EE. She 'fa pi qi' Haha!

But after seeing me with the camera, she happy liao x)

Then she asked me to take picture with her. LOL! Kids these days.

So yeah. Done with the pictures. Don't feel like taking pictures much lately. But i still did right? I'm great :D Alright now back to my vegetarian story. I know what you're thinking. Why right? The truth is, something happened last night and i fell a sleep. LOL. This is a lame statement. Well that's because i'm not done yet! I had a dream last night. I real wonderful dream. Seriously, no joke. I dreamt that i was hosting a talk show with BIGBANG! AHHHH! Spazz spazz spazz! Okay, back to my story. After the show, TOP held my hand and brought me for a walk. *screams & melts* And suddenly! TOP turned into my future husband G-DRAGON! His hands were so warm. He said something to me. This might sound lame. And i mean like really really lame.

GD : Try being a vegetarian. It's fun! (LAME! I know right)
Me : What's so fun about it?
GD :  Well you wouldn't know if you don't try.
Me : Haha! No thanks.
GD : Tell you what. If you can last two weeks without eating meat. I'll give you a kiss in your next dream & when we meet. 

And then i forgotten. But yeah OMG! I know its just a dream. But there's no harm in trying right? Maybe god gave me this chance to meet him! Or maybe god wants me to know that he loves me! LOL! Fantasy much? But maybe someday :) Maybe someday i'll be able to hold his hands like how i did in my dream. 

So there you have it! Imma vegetarian starting from tomorrow!
I know this will be hard. But imma give it my best shot. Wish me luck guys!
Any vegetarians here to give me some tips?

So here's a video for all my readers :) P/S : Ignore my sampat-ness kay.
Sorry if it's a little dark. And i think i talk too fast xD


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