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Not fast enough.

Hey y'all!

I haven't blogged in a while :( Got too many events. Haha. Not sure whether I can catch up or not. Okay, maybe not really that many events. But in my defence, all the events are stick so close to each other. 哪里来得及update! Today do today update meh? I die loh! And not to mention, there're like thousands of pictures. So, no promises I will updated about everything. HAHA. Ahh. 算了啦. Will try to give you guys a proper update soon. Just upload pictures, add captions & get over with it.

Anyway, during these past few days, I've learnt something very important. Mhmm. I've learnt that friends come and go. But some, they'd stick with you forever. All it takes is a lil communication. I found out that I've fixed many of my problems recently. And its already friday! What a productive week! And plus, I feel like my relationship with my beloved mummy is getting closer & closer. Okay, i think i'm done here. After like 3 days straight hanging out with t…

Some things, we should ignore.

When people hurt you over and over, think of them as sandpapers.  They scratch and hurt you, but later, you'll be shining and polished while they end up useless.
Just something I've learnt this past few days. Something Nicholas Lai Ken Hong thought me. Okay, maybe he didn't say those exact words. But I kinda figured it out.That awesome feeling when you have someone who supports you no matter what (Y)  Thank you Nic :') He can't see this as he is on his way to PD. Shall buzz him at night to disturb him. Haha.
Stupid lil boy, you owe me something big yeahh :P
Aww. I've been busy lately. Will update my blog as soon as I can! Don't give up on me lovelies! ♥

Port Dickson with Family.

Hello lovelies! :)
Hi it's meeee! Today is the 6th and you know what that means! Okay fine, you don't. Whatever. But I was gonna tell you anyway. kkk. It's my mama's birthday! YAY. That means cake, chocolates and much more fatty foods! Definitely gonna turn into a fat fat girl. Need to loose some fats pronto! I feel like i'm getting chubbier and chubbier by the second. DIE! Uhhh. Anyway, My family and I went to Port Dickson. Well, maybe you can say it's a kind of celebration for mummy's birthday. But I think of it more like a short family vacation.

You Are the Apple of My Eye.

Hi lovelies!
I just came back from MidValley with my friends. It was a last minute planning. And so, I woke up at 7am today T_T So tired. Uhh. I woke up so early but still managed to let Teng wait for me in the car. After I woke up, I thought 'Ok lah. Will turn on my lappie and play for a while.' And what happened? I used the computer for 3 whole hours! Then suddenly Teng text me and told me she was on her way. So I was rushing like some mad woman! Sprinting to get dress, get my hair done and also to do my make up. So Teng waited for me in her car for like 5 minutes I guess? haha.

She drove us to Jia's house and we head off to DerTing's place :) Anyway, will just let pictures do the talking. Oh you know me and my laziness. So I'll just upload photos and add lousy captions :P Nyehehe

Picture taken @ my baobei Jiajia's place.
And so we had lunch at Popeye's. Had a Chicken Sandwich. Well, not the whole thing exactly. Just maybe like 3/4 of it? I was too full t…

My war is finally over.

Helloo crazy people!
Wanna know something great? MY SPM IS OVER! And you know what? I really can not believe it. I mean I can really still remember the first day of Form 5. Heck, I can even remember the first day of secondary school if that mattered. Thing is, it is kinda hard to believe that after five years training for battle.. It's finally over. All those heart, tears and blood that was shed. SPM and high school is over. But its just so fast. Finally, now when I'm leaving high school, I wish to start all over again. I'm sad I won't be able to see all my teachers. And of course having my teachers nagging at me to pin up my hair every morning. I'm sad I won't be able to see my crazy friends almost everyday of the week. I'm sad because it is all over.
Okay lah. I'm getting all teary liaozz T_T But here's something funny. When I started to use the computer today... I can't help feeling guilty. I mean like seriously. I keep having the urge to run…


HI GUYS! :) Missed me? Bet you did! :)
So the first week of SPM is over. Kinda psyched for Physics and Chemistry paper now. Don't know if I'm ready. lol. Just saying. So erm. Many of my juniors ask me 'Ehh. Why SPM you still can so relax?' Erhh. Seriously? I guess the only nervous part was the begining of it, especially sitting for the FIRST paper. After that, everything is just like... Mehhhh, nothing one lah. Feels like an ordinary exam to me. Well, an ordinary exams that kinda determines my future? Okay lah. Not so ordinary. But i couldn't say i felt the same way before the exam :\ During the night before SPM, i was so nervous and frustrated I had a breakdown and cried for like half an hour. Wtffffuuuuu. So embarrassing .__. But whatever. Cried for a while only mah. 30 minutes only what. pssh.
Anyway, my next paper is Moral. Uhh, planning to study it the night before the exam. I likeyy to 临时抱佛脚. Oh yeah, I'm done with my History paper too. While I was cleani…

So does it end here?

Hey fatties.
I can't believe it. I haven't been blogging for almost a month. Mehhh. I have an excuse. Anyway, bet most of you already know. Its 5 fcking days away from SPM! :) So excited! LOL. KK. Anyway, I'm really jealous of those who had their graduation as my school's not giving us one T_T *sob. But they still gave us a VERY TINY ceremony. We all just shake hands & cry & wish each other good luck. Chehhh. No fun at all.

Today was my last day in schooling in SMK Seksyen 3, Bandar Kinrara. I really felt like crying. But I can't bare the embarrassment. Is that lame? Ok whatever. I can't believe I won't wake up to see all the teachers nagging me to pin up my hair again. Or to pay more attention in class. I can't believe one year has just flew pass. I'm really gonna miss it here. I'm gonna miss all my teachers. And all the times I spent with my friends here.

While we were shaking hands with all the teachers. I noticed most of the teachers…