Sunday, January 30, 2011 ❣

Prepared for CNY!

Bonjour everyone!
The other day when i went CNY shopping with the ANG's, I bought 3 pairs of fake lashes for myself. So i tried it on. It was two days ago i think. lol. And surprisingly for a first-timer like me, it turned out okay! Wheeee. I only applied it on one eye tho. And yeahh my stupid eyeliner is missing. So i had to use eyeshadow. Which is also my FIRST time using. And not to mention, mascara too! WHOOO! I ROCK. HAHA!

Anyway, Jowie & Joern came over to my house yesterday. I want his iphone4! OMG. GRRR. We went to Jusco together. Bought myself some RED nail polish for Chinese New Year. Haha! I look so red now :P *I not gonna upload any pictures of my toes or fingers. Because i've just uploaded a picture of my toes two post back. And it''ll look very weird if i uploaded another one. New visitors visiting my blog might think i'm crazy obsessed over my toes or something. LOL HAHA! People might think i'm weird :X

And yes! I've gotten myself a pair of 3/4 pants already! WHEEEE! SO HAPPY! So i'm already prepared for CNY! Money money here I come :P Anyway i'm going off now! Thanks to cny for minimizing my stress. I love you!

新年快乐! :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 ❣

The curse of the mad aunty style disease.

I was just simply rummaging through my facebook albums for a decent picture. Cause i feel the need to blog. And what's the point of blogging if there's no picture. Am I right or am i right? lol. Its a picture from 2010. Cause i haven't got the time or the camera to take even a single picture this year :( Homework homework tuition tuition! What a bore! But what other choices do i have right? Pfftt.

Here to talk about the issues i have -_- First, I've this problem of always changing my blog template. I feel like killing myself! It's so annoying and a total waste of my time! But i can't control myself. The urge of changing the colours and fonts! The temptation. LOL! What am i saying -.- Restricting myself from changing any further... NOW!

Second, I've been suffering from mad aunty style disease lately. Seriously, this is no laughing matter. Even my mom said i start dressing like an old lady. OMG! Like whatever happened to my AWESOME sense of style?! EuwernMinYuan says i dress like an old lady too :( I like 3/4 pants :D They look so nice! It's not a crime yeahh! And who ever said 3/4 pants are for aunties? GRRRR.

Mhmm. This is very important to me. Even KaiChen said he looked like my son when he's walking with me. Even if that's a joke, hurtful. Suan laa. Ngo jiok jor 3/4 pants ji hau, hang deng yao hou duo yan gan ju ngo geh. Then i'll be a trend liao lo! YEAH!

So my problem, SOLVED!
*coughs* Not really D:

Fine fine. I needa update my wardrobe anyway. CNY IS NEAR! And i haven't got myself a new pair of pants yet! *coughs* 3/4 one :P HAHAAAA! Maaaa, bring me shopping yeah :) 

Happy Chinese New Year in advance! 

Friday, January 21, 2011 ❣

A Friday with dad.

Today's a Friday. That means school ends at 12pm! Wheee :D Daddy came right on time :P When i got up the car, I saw Euwern & Eugene. Shocked! Euwern's school starts at 2pm. So we all had lunch together! It was a LONG journey, cause we had to fetch Euwern to school, and then Eugene to the LRT station. So ma fan D:

I was soooo sleepy. But i couldn't sleep, cause daddy was talking to me. HAHA! We finally reached home around 3. Daddy asked me to help him with the gardening. Cut the grass, pluck the leaves etc. I usually don't help him. Cause well, you all know laa. I'm lazy and i don't want to sweat! haha! But since i'm such a good daughter. I helped him today!

SEE! Our garden is so beautiful! 

Something very unfortunate happened to me. After doing all the cutting of grass and leaves. We had to pick them all up. Well, daddy was picking them up la. I was just walking around xD HAHA! We talked about many things. And then suddenly, I accidentally kick the concrete and my slipped dropped into the deep deep deep longkang

As you can see, my slipper is overturned. 

I keep screaming at my daddy. While picking up the leaves, he said 'So deep! Cannot take already one la!'. I felt so sad! :( Cause i bought that slipper from Thailand. I was walking around barefooted. Then suddenly daddy finished with the leaves, he stood up and say 'Let me see. Where is your slipper?' HAHA! I knew he would help me!

Then he took the fishing rod out, and tied a hook onto it. And started swinging and swinging. But failed. Cause it kept swinging and couldn't stop xD HAHAHA! It was soooo deep down. So we had many ideas, keep failing & failing. 

But at the end. TADAAAAA!!
I was so happy once i got it back! But my daddy kept saying 'YOU LA! Ask you to help me, but you just keep playing! Make me more work to do only! Hoiyo.' HAHA! I really wasn't playing xD I was just walking around. I love my daddy so much la!  He really is a WONDERDAD! Anyway, are you wondering how i got my slipper back? 

It's all thanks to this handsome looking thing! LOL! It's actually those type of hanger hook tied to a long painting extension stick thingy. I love it so much! Because of it, i got my lovely slipper back!  And thanks to my daddy also laa. HAHA! I love him so much!

Physics & Chemistry tuition later.
Gotta run! BYE! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 ❣


Wondering about me and Kaichen's relationship status huh? All couples fight okay. It's a normal thing. Both of us were just mad and waiting irresistibly for each other to apologize. It was nothing serious, but by yelling and scold each other made it worst. It was only a fight. The relationship status was nothing. It just happened because we were mad at each other. I admit sometimes i never 体谅 him enough. I will change 

Everyone, 多体谅你身边最爱你的人.
I guess i was just overreacting. Thanks all my friends!

P/S : I'm the vice president for the English society! :P And also form 5 AJK for PKBM.
P/S 2 : Don't believe any further changes of my relationship status. For instants, I'm married now :D Am i?

Have homeworks to do now and tuition later. Bye!

Monday, January 3, 2011 ❣

2011. First day of school

This is how i pin my hair :P I'm in my pjs. Before i changed into my uniform :Z
I know what you're wondering. What happened to my short bangs right? Shhh. MAGIC! :P

My first day of school was AWESOME! 

I LOVE MY CLASSROOM! It's so BIG! It's so cooling! Why? Because unlike the other classes, my class has FOUR ceiling fans! Eat that losers! :p Bwahaha! But something happened today. The fan on top of me was making screeching noises. Damn scary! So we turned the fan off. And guess what? IT WAS STILL COOLING! xD Hahaha! Why? Because it was raining and there was a big wind! And finally for the first time, i found a wonderful seat in class. I hope Miss Yang won't change our seats.

First day of school and i feel so damn high. LOL! Puan Noraini asked us to do a karangan. And i felt very happy and excited when i was doing it. wtflol! I miss 16Passion & my friends so much. Kept making stupid jokes and laughing about it. Haha! And then we noticed our BM was rusty. So funny. lol! I love my friends. I guess they're just what i need now :)

I left school @ 2pm today. Cause daddy's not free to fetch me home so i had to take Eugene's car back. And apparently his dad came early. Eugene fetch Ahmong & I home. It was raining D: So i got wet. GRRRRR. When i saw him today, I felt like running to him and hug him tightly! ): But i had to control. I kept telling myself 'Just a while longer Eunice. Hang in there' It was kinda hard, but i managed. Anyway, I felt very very very hungry when i reached home. SO SAY HI TO SPAGHETTI! :P 

It doesn't look that nice. LOL! Cause i make one ma -__- But it taste delicious okay! *lickss*

Oh yeah! Today 16Passion & AhMong made a SPM contract! :P 
Let's hope everyone follow through with it. Haha! 
We' must work hard to achieve what we want! 

I WANT 6As FOR SPM! LET'S GO! ♥ I hope second day of school will be as fun as the first! Mhmm.. I wonder how's my two younger sister's first day of school. Haha! Both afternoon class. And first day in new school too. Standard one & form one! Can't wait to hear about their day when they come back! 

Taaaa! :D

Saturday, January 1, 2011 ❣

First day of the year.

It's a new year! A new beginning! I received a new year's present from my aunt yesterday night. What a great way to start off the new year. Don't chu think? Haha. Gosh, I'm sure gonna miss 2010. I actually wanted to blog about my whole 2010 year. But then i got lazy and tired. lol. Thus, you guys end up with this lousy post of mine. So this is how i choose to update my blog on the first day of the year. How lame can i be? Urrgghh!

Anyway, back to my story. My aunt and uncle came to my house last night for the countdown celebration. Well its not exactly a countdown celebration. First of all, they didn't count down. Second, only two of them came. So its more of a problem-talking, poker-playing, picture-seeing, beer-drinking celebration. Oh yeah! And what did my aunt gave me? It's a beautiful Christian Dior make up box! What more can i ask for? I didn't expected anything in the first place. But seriously, I have no use for it. I don't use eye shadow or mascara or lipstick. LOL!

My new love!

OMG! Sometimes i think i type too much. Do you guys even read every single word i write? lol. Anyway, so this is my first post of the year. Lame shitzz. Hey! Did you guys noticed I changed my sidebar tittle thingy? :] If you haven't, then scratch that shit outta your eyes please. My stupid blog has been looking real fugly lately. Makes me feel like changing and changing and changing. Its the new year. Anything can happen :] And my blog posts just might get more interesting! TEEHEE!

Going to a new year's party at my neighbour's house later. That big big big house with a swimming pool inside one ahhh. Just beside the guard house one ahh. With the big big chandelier one ah! Those who came to my house before should know la :]

Till then, i'm gonna fine something better to do now. Taaaaa.
Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤