Monday, January 3, 2011 ❣

2011. First day of school

This is how i pin my hair :P I'm in my pjs. Before i changed into my uniform :Z
I know what you're wondering. What happened to my short bangs right? Shhh. MAGIC! :P

My first day of school was AWESOME! 

I LOVE MY CLASSROOM! It's so BIG! It's so cooling! Why? Because unlike the other classes, my class has FOUR ceiling fans! Eat that losers! :p Bwahaha! But something happened today. The fan on top of me was making screeching noises. Damn scary! So we turned the fan off. And guess what? IT WAS STILL COOLING! xD Hahaha! Why? Because it was raining and there was a big wind! And finally for the first time, i found a wonderful seat in class. I hope Miss Yang won't change our seats.

First day of school and i feel so damn high. LOL! Puan Noraini asked us to do a karangan. And i felt very happy and excited when i was doing it. wtflol! I miss 16Passion & my friends so much. Kept making stupid jokes and laughing about it. Haha! And then we noticed our BM was rusty. So funny. lol! I love my friends. I guess they're just what i need now :)

I left school @ 2pm today. Cause daddy's not free to fetch me home so i had to take Eugene's car back. And apparently his dad came early. Eugene fetch Ahmong & I home. It was raining D: So i got wet. GRRRRR. When i saw him today, I felt like running to him and hug him tightly! ): But i had to control. I kept telling myself 'Just a while longer Eunice. Hang in there' It was kinda hard, but i managed. Anyway, I felt very very very hungry when i reached home. SO SAY HI TO SPAGHETTI! :P 

It doesn't look that nice. LOL! Cause i make one ma -__- But it taste delicious okay! *lickss*

Oh yeah! Today 16Passion & AhMong made a SPM contract! :P 
Let's hope everyone follow through with it. Haha! 
We' must work hard to achieve what we want! 

I WANT 6As FOR SPM! LET'S GO! ♥ I hope second day of school will be as fun as the first! Mhmm.. I wonder how's my two younger sister's first day of school. Haha! Both afternoon class. And first day in new school too. Standard one & form one! Can't wait to hear about their day when they come back! 

Taaaa! :D

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