Friday, January 21, 2011 ❣

A Friday with dad.

Today's a Friday. That means school ends at 12pm! Wheee :D Daddy came right on time :P When i got up the car, I saw Euwern & Eugene. Shocked! Euwern's school starts at 2pm. So we all had lunch together! It was a LONG journey, cause we had to fetch Euwern to school, and then Eugene to the LRT station. So ma fan D:

I was soooo sleepy. But i couldn't sleep, cause daddy was talking to me. HAHA! We finally reached home around 3. Daddy asked me to help him with the gardening. Cut the grass, pluck the leaves etc. I usually don't help him. Cause well, you all know laa. I'm lazy and i don't want to sweat! haha! But since i'm such a good daughter. I helped him today!

SEE! Our garden is so beautiful! 

Something very unfortunate happened to me. After doing all the cutting of grass and leaves. We had to pick them all up. Well, daddy was picking them up la. I was just walking around xD HAHA! We talked about many things. And then suddenly, I accidentally kick the concrete and my slipped dropped into the deep deep deep longkang

As you can see, my slipper is overturned. 

I keep screaming at my daddy. While picking up the leaves, he said 'So deep! Cannot take already one la!'. I felt so sad! :( Cause i bought that slipper from Thailand. I was walking around barefooted. Then suddenly daddy finished with the leaves, he stood up and say 'Let me see. Where is your slipper?' HAHA! I knew he would help me!

Then he took the fishing rod out, and tied a hook onto it. And started swinging and swinging. But failed. Cause it kept swinging and couldn't stop xD HAHAHA! It was soooo deep down. So we had many ideas, keep failing & failing. 

But at the end. TADAAAAA!!
I was so happy once i got it back! But my daddy kept saying 'YOU LA! Ask you to help me, but you just keep playing! Make me more work to do only! Hoiyo.' HAHA! I really wasn't playing xD I was just walking around. I love my daddy so much la!  He really is a WONDERDAD! Anyway, are you wondering how i got my slipper back? 

It's all thanks to this handsome looking thing! LOL! It's actually those type of hanger hook tied to a long painting extension stick thingy. I love it so much! Because of it, i got my lovely slipper back!  And thanks to my daddy also laa. HAHA! I love him so much!

Physics & Chemistry tuition later.
Gotta run! BYE! 

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