Sunday, January 30, 2011 ❣

Prepared for CNY!

Bonjour everyone!
The other day when i went CNY shopping with the ANG's, I bought 3 pairs of fake lashes for myself. So i tried it on. It was two days ago i think. lol. And surprisingly for a first-timer like me, it turned out okay! Wheeee. I only applied it on one eye tho. And yeahh my stupid eyeliner is missing. So i had to use eyeshadow. Which is also my FIRST time using. And not to mention, mascara too! WHOOO! I ROCK. HAHA!

Anyway, Jowie & Joern came over to my house yesterday. I want his iphone4! OMG. GRRR. We went to Jusco together. Bought myself some RED nail polish for Chinese New Year. Haha! I look so red now :P *I not gonna upload any pictures of my toes or fingers. Because i've just uploaded a picture of my toes two post back. And it''ll look very weird if i uploaded another one. New visitors visiting my blog might think i'm crazy obsessed over my toes or something. LOL HAHA! People might think i'm weird :X

And yes! I've gotten myself a pair of 3/4 pants already! WHEEEE! SO HAPPY! So i'm already prepared for CNY! Money money here I come :P Anyway i'm going off now! Thanks to cny for minimizing my stress. I love you!

新年快乐! :)

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