Wednesday, January 5, 2011 ❣


Wondering about me and Kaichen's relationship status huh? All couples fight okay. It's a normal thing. Both of us were just mad and waiting irresistibly for each other to apologize. It was nothing serious, but by yelling and scold each other made it worst. It was only a fight. The relationship status was nothing. It just happened because we were mad at each other. I admit sometimes i never 体谅 him enough. I will change 

Everyone, 多体谅你身边最爱你的人.
I guess i was just overreacting. Thanks all my friends!

P/S : I'm the vice president for the English society! :P And also form 5 AJK for PKBM.
P/S 2 : Don't believe any further changes of my relationship status. For instants, I'm married now :D Am i?

Have homeworks to do now and tuition later. Bye!

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