Wednesday, January 26, 2011 ❣

The curse of the mad aunty style disease.

I was just simply rummaging through my facebook albums for a decent picture. Cause i feel the need to blog. And what's the point of blogging if there's no picture. Am I right or am i right? lol. Its a picture from 2010. Cause i haven't got the time or the camera to take even a single picture this year :( Homework homework tuition tuition! What a bore! But what other choices do i have right? Pfftt.

Here to talk about the issues i have -_- First, I've this problem of always changing my blog template. I feel like killing myself! It's so annoying and a total waste of my time! But i can't control myself. The urge of changing the colours and fonts! The temptation. LOL! What am i saying -.- Restricting myself from changing any further... NOW!

Second, I've been suffering from mad aunty style disease lately. Seriously, this is no laughing matter. Even my mom said i start dressing like an old lady. OMG! Like whatever happened to my AWESOME sense of style?! EuwernMinYuan says i dress like an old lady too :( I like 3/4 pants :D They look so nice! It's not a crime yeahh! And who ever said 3/4 pants are for aunties? GRRRR.

Mhmm. This is very important to me. Even KaiChen said he looked like my son when he's walking with me. Even if that's a joke, hurtful. Suan laa. Ngo jiok jor 3/4 pants ji hau, hang deng yao hou duo yan gan ju ngo geh. Then i'll be a trend liao lo! YEAH!

So my problem, SOLVED!
*coughs* Not really D:

Fine fine. I needa update my wardrobe anyway. CNY IS NEAR! And i haven't got myself a new pair of pants yet! *coughs* 3/4 one :P HAHAAAA! Maaaa, bring me shopping yeah :) 

Happy Chinese New Year in advance! 

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