Saturday, February 26, 2011 ❣

Only 28 days! O.O

I'm imitating someone :P haha! Guess who! Guess who!

Bonjour everyone! :D I'm now @ Jowie's house spazzing around with Joern & Euwern. And I just received the dress I bought from Dovey-Lovey. Loving it! :P TEEHEE. In the evening, i went for a 3km jog with daddy, mummy & lil sis. Ahhh, family bonding time. *coughs. But seriously, it was more like sister chat hour. Mom & dad didn't talk to us xD

Camwhore time! :P With ze beloved 60D. Bit ma fan. Needa resize all these effing large pics. So i just upload a few :D

I rock at acting cute right? Right? :P

P/S : That is my tongue. Not my lips. 

Hello! Introducing my sister :P She in my new dress! So nice righttt? 

STORY : About a week ago, mom was furious at my sister for not paying much attention in school. She was scolding both of us. lol. figured. Anyway, suddenly she attacked me with a question. 'Eunice, when is your exam?' *with her super angry face on. I was terrified and the first thing that came out of my mouth was 'February 29 mom.' She was so into her scolding that even she have forgotten. 

I just remembered a few minutes ago!! 
There are only 28 days! wtf.

So i'm going to stop wasting my time! I took Nicholas' advice and made a time table for my studies! I hope everything goes well. And also hope that i won't have anything more time managing problems anymore. Wish me luck! :P

ttfn! :D

Friday, February 25, 2011 ❣

Big Bang’s Bus in Seoul!

WOW It's been like so long since i updated about my boys. Anyway, just some pictures!

Oh my god! I wanna hug this bus! 


Source iBB

Check this out :D 

OMGG! Concert is happening now and there's already a FANCAM video on youtube! I wish i was there! D: wtf!

And guess what guys? 
Tomorrow is CHAEDAY! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 ❣

Prioritizing my time?

A quote from SeeTeng's blog.
If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.
After reading it, i feel so useless. I feel like, since this year started, i've been doing nothing but WASTING my time. Today I told Eugene to memorise the script for our BM oral test  tomorrow. And they replied me 'I don't have enough time'. The first thing that  came outta my mouth was 'Aissh! You guys have to learn to prioritize your time la.'

Now that i think of it, I myself don't even know the first thing about time prioritization. In the beginning of this year, i was so enthusiastic with all my school works. Even my tuition work. I was reading and revising every night before i sleep. But see where am i now? I don't mean that i'm not doing any of those any more now. Just, somehow lesser. This fire of mine is gonna extinguish soon. I can't let it happen. 

My parents, friends & teachers are all saying 'Your future is in your own hands'. So what am i gonna do about it? After listening to so much. What are WE gonna do about it? Weeks have just gone by like that and I always have the same feeling at the end of every friday. What is it? 'Ahh, another week gone and i don't think i've done anything beneficial.' What a waste. That feeling of uselessness, rolling up and about in my stomach. I wonder if any of you guys feel the same too.

Now, wondering why i'm blabbing about this all of the sudden? Yeapp. You got it. Exams. I can't help feeling stupid every time i don't understand something. I don't think i'm putting much effort in anything at all lately. I have to prioritize my time. All the unnecessary and unimportant things or situations should be irradiated from my mind.

Rushing to learn so much all at once. The other night i was revising my chemistry on my bed when suddenly i saw my history book lying there all by itself. And then i started to worry about how much i don't know about history. So i put down my Chemistry book and head for history. But when i take up my history book, its a whole different story. I'll think of another subject and then go looking for that book. I mean like, what's wrong with me?

 I don't think i can juggle so much at once. I'm not superwoman k. Any advise maa peeps? :\

Saturday, February 19, 2011 ❣


     I'm sorry LOL! Lack of pictures.

我的眼睛已经痛了几天. 整个眼睛红红肿肿. 痒到死!
再加上当我眨眼睛时会很痛!! Haihh.
我的朋友一直告诉我去看医生, 但我拒绝.
因为我真的很怕医生会说 'I think you should go to the hospital.'
这种感觉我已经体验过了. 的确很恐怖.

昨晚在补习时 眼睛真得太痛太痒了.
真的BEH TAHAN! 一边补习一边流眼泪.
SeeTeng & Melissa 一直叫我去看医生.
我说OKOK. 但在我心中真的没有这个计划.

我的眼睛还在受苦. 我实在受不了了!

补习过后我感到很高兴! :D
一上到车, 我就很自然的说,
'Mii, can bring me to the clinic or not?' LOL!
OMG! 我真的没想到我会说这句话.

在clinic时 我感到很紧张. GRR.
突然听到那个lady叫我的名.Ahh. 我的心跳越来越快.
我走进去, 就看到那个医生对我yam xiu. 哈哈.
Relieved :D Then i felt so stupid for being so nervous.

Doctor said it can either be caused by bacteria or might be a friend that passed it to me.
Now i have two packets of tablets to take, a bottle of 眼药水 and an eye cream.
So i'm glad i went to see the doctor :P

突然想到Ahmong昨天跟我讲一句超笨的话. 想到她我都会笑! 哈哈哈! Ahmong你太可爱了.  

Eunice : Wei! 你弄不见我的16GB Pendrive你就知道!
Ahmong : Har?
Eunice : 什么?
Ahmong : 怎样弄不见哦? 16GB 变成 15GB?

OMG! ZHA DOU 99! 哈哈哈!

Okay. ttfn!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 ❣

My supper : Ham Sandwich.

Today's a public holiday. So my family and I went to my cousin's place. Take angpow again! Heeh. Another random post.

Hairstyle for today, high pony tail with centre parting. Mhmm. Just have the feeling of changing back to centre parting. Cause my fringe is growing so fast! :P Might tie like this to school tomorrow! 

I did something very stupid today -___- I was so angry i swear i almost killed my dog! LOL! You know i'm joking. But seriously, i was so mad! So guess what? I accidentally deleted all my comments on all my blog posts! FML to the max! 

But imma skip that :D Now i'm not gonna blog about what i did today. Or about my problems. And especially not about my problems. Imma blog about the supper i had just now! *lickss! Well my beloved readers, you know me laa. It always comes a time where i start blogging about my food. I love me my foooood. Super ham sandwich! Haha!

And of course la. The most important thing is the bread! :D Any type of bread will do. I always prefer wholemeal bread.
So always go for wholemeal bread people! :P

Yes ham! I put two slices of ham on my sandwich. Cause i wanna be a fat girl! haha! *This is double double!

Vegetables are important too! These are lettuce. lolhaha! I always prefer alfalfa sprout. But sadly Giant didn't sell any :( DAMN! So i'll have to settle with this. What about tomatoes? Well to tell the truth, i never really put tomatoes on my sandwich. Cause they totally ruin the whole sandwich! But tomatoes are oh-so-juicyy right? Right? :P 

Mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup! Totally brings out that sandwich taste!

Now you just have to MIX everything together. lolhahah! Just keep putting and squirting until you're satisfied! Can you see the veli veli delicious yellow mustard! Yummm! I feel like eating it again. haha!

Tadaaaa! Its all gone now :P Into my big stomach!

Baby sister EE. She's stoned and she wishes you good night! :)

Ohh god! I'm such a random girl. Anyway, there's school tomorrow. 
Good night everyone! ttfn!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 ❣

The CNY week.

GRR! I feel like such a meanie for not updating my blog D: Anyway, the CNY holiday is over and we're all back to school. Still not in my studying mood yet. Maybe next week? I think its because i don't have tuition this week. Tak ada motivation kot. HAHA! This will be a post boom-ed with pictures! Especially FOOD! Ok! So I'll start... NOW!

Wednesday . 2FEB2011
Had reunion dinner at home! Kinda fun. Cause i don't get to sit at the same table and eat with my family all the time. Only on special occasions. So it was memorable! :D My mom's cooking!
Crazy family! :P

Thursday . 3FEB2011
Went to one of my cousin's place. My dad's side. I have to admit, it was kinda boring. Cause no one wanna play with me. LOL! Haha! Plus i was a little emotional that day.
Sorry. Only one picture! :) So nice!

Friday . 4FEB2011
Went back to grandma's place for reunion lunch and dinner! Mom's side. Love my fawsome cousins!

My big big family! 

Elmo & Cookie monster! Matchiess. We bought them from thailand!

Cousin Jowie :)
See!! My cousin brother so cute! 

We went to the playground after that!

Model material

The stupid joern push us down -____-

Brother & sister!

Playing catching at age 17! wtflol! We are all so old already. haha! We use to play catching and hide & seek all the time when we were young. Its so tiring playing now. Haha. But we had fun!

And then boo yahh! Gamble gamble! Money keep coming! I'm very lucky this year! :P

Saturday . 5FEB2011
Had a party at my place! Although only very few of my friends came. I still had fun that day! Why? Because of MONEY! Money can make me happy! hahah! I won RM150 that day. Emphasis on the JUST THAT DAY! Haha. Many of my dad's friends came too. All old peoples. Didn't took much pictures that day. Too busy winning money! haha!
A picture with all the aunties and uncles! WOOHOO XD

My friends bullied my little sister D: So mean!

This one even more worst!

This angle make us look short xD HAHA! So chio!

He's so adorkable!

Well at least i've gain something outta that day. A new facebook profile picture! :P

Still in my CNY mood! :P So we're all going to SeeTeng's place this saturday! Heeh. And Valentines day is near! Have you guys found your valentine? :D Mhmm. Any suggestion what i should get for my babiboyf? :P

Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤