Tuesday, February 15, 2011 ❣

My supper : Ham Sandwich.

Today's a public holiday. So my family and I went to my cousin's place. Take angpow again! Heeh. Another random post.

Hairstyle for today, high pony tail with centre parting. Mhmm. Just have the feeling of changing back to centre parting. Cause my fringe is growing so fast! :P Might tie like this to school tomorrow! 

I did something very stupid today -___- I was so angry i swear i almost killed my dog! LOL! You know i'm joking. But seriously, i was so mad! So guess what? I accidentally deleted all my comments on all my blog posts! FML to the max! 

But imma skip that :D Now i'm not gonna blog about what i did today. Or about my problems. And especially not about my problems. Imma blog about the supper i had just now! *lickss! Well my beloved readers, you know me laa. It always comes a time where i start blogging about my food. I love me my foooood. Super ham sandwich! Haha!

And of course la. The most important thing is the bread! :D Any type of bread will do. I always prefer wholemeal bread.
So always go for wholemeal bread people! :P

Yes ham! I put two slices of ham on my sandwich. Cause i wanna be a fat girl! haha! *This is double double!

Vegetables are important too! These are lettuce. lolhaha! I always prefer alfalfa sprout. But sadly Giant didn't sell any :( DAMN! So i'll have to settle with this. What about tomatoes? Well to tell the truth, i never really put tomatoes on my sandwich. Cause they totally ruin the whole sandwich! But tomatoes are oh-so-juicyy right? Right? :P 

Mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup! Totally brings out that sandwich taste!

Now you just have to MIX everything together. lolhahah! Just keep putting and squirting until you're satisfied! Can you see the veli veli delicious yellow mustard! Yummm! I feel like eating it again. haha!

Tadaaaa! Its all gone now :P Into my big stomach!

Baby sister EE. She's stoned and she wishes you good night! :)

Ohh god! I'm such a random girl. Anyway, there's school tomorrow. 
Good night everyone! ttfn!


  1. Your small sister so cuteeeeeeeee! xD <3

  2. Haha! Yes she is :P If you say this to her she sure will ss. But i still think Gloria's sister is cuter! :P

  3. Hahaa. Two also samee.
    Make me wanna pinch them on the cheeks! xD

  4. I LOVE THAT sandwich!!! ARH!!!! <3 <3 <3 i wanna eat is all over again xD

  5. Dream,
    Hahah! Me too! I feel like pinching her cheek! Her eyes are so huge!

    Yes. Tell me about it sis. haha. Remember when it was still there? :P

  6. Oo. Make one sandwich for me too eunice! Haha! And you look good in centre parting! =D

  7. Justin P,
    Thanks. Haha. Why don't you make one yourself and then give it to me? :P

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Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤