Saturday, February 26, 2011 ❣

Only 28 days! O.O

I'm imitating someone :P haha! Guess who! Guess who!

Bonjour everyone! :D I'm now @ Jowie's house spazzing around with Joern & Euwern. And I just received the dress I bought from Dovey-Lovey. Loving it! :P TEEHEE. In the evening, i went for a 3km jog with daddy, mummy & lil sis. Ahhh, family bonding time. *coughs. But seriously, it was more like sister chat hour. Mom & dad didn't talk to us xD

Camwhore time! :P With ze beloved 60D. Bit ma fan. Needa resize all these effing large pics. So i just upload a few :D

I rock at acting cute right? Right? :P

P/S : That is my tongue. Not my lips. 

Hello! Introducing my sister :P She in my new dress! So nice righttt? 

STORY : About a week ago, mom was furious at my sister for not paying much attention in school. She was scolding both of us. lol. figured. Anyway, suddenly she attacked me with a question. 'Eunice, when is your exam?' *with her super angry face on. I was terrified and the first thing that came out of my mouth was 'February 29 mom.' She was so into her scolding that even she have forgotten. 

I just remembered a few minutes ago!! 
There are only 28 days! wtf.

So i'm going to stop wasting my time! I took Nicholas' advice and made a time table for my studies! I hope everything goes well. And also hope that i won't have anything more time managing problems anymore. Wish me luck! :P

ttfn! :D


  1. I like your photograph skill. Next time photoshoot for me :D

  2. Good luck with your time table! Just inspired me to make one too! All the best! <3

  3. Minuan,
    LOL! You spelled your name wrongly? Hhaha. Photoshoot? Of course can :P But must be naked one. haha


  4. Ahh! I see me! Oh my god! xD
    Haha! Eunice, I like the dress ^_^

  5. eunice~wan me send u a phone software onot?can plan ur timetable on ur phone 1...XD~and ur house look so beautiful ler~the colour in ur room so bright and making ppl so bersemangat...haha

  6. Wendy,
    Of course you like the dress.
    It's mine! :P Hahaha!

    Har? There's something like that? How to plane one? LOL!
    And this is not my room. haha! It's my cousin's house.

  7. finally got manu picture xD.your mummy funny saw WTF when i login in FB,and im going to school WTF!xD understand?

  8. Kaichen,
    Yes! Haha. Like finally :P
    TEEHEE. I have a cute mom. HAHA!

  9. YES! hahahahaha,this time,your pictures are so nice xD

  10. Kaichen,
    Thank lougong! Mwaks! ♥

  11. haha, 29th of febuary :DDD

    Good Luck for OUR exam!!

  12. hello gorgeous! =D

    make sure you follow your time table and study ya!
    plan without executing it is useless also. =p

    good luck and all the best in your study!

  13. Henry,
    Hello! Thank youu. I will do my best!


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤