Wednesday, February 23, 2011 ❣

Prioritizing my time?

A quote from SeeTeng's blog.
If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.
After reading it, i feel so useless. I feel like, since this year started, i've been doing nothing but WASTING my time. Today I told Eugene to memorise the script for our BM oral test  tomorrow. And they replied me 'I don't have enough time'. The first thing that  came outta my mouth was 'Aissh! You guys have to learn to prioritize your time la.'

Now that i think of it, I myself don't even know the first thing about time prioritization. In the beginning of this year, i was so enthusiastic with all my school works. Even my tuition work. I was reading and revising every night before i sleep. But see where am i now? I don't mean that i'm not doing any of those any more now. Just, somehow lesser. This fire of mine is gonna extinguish soon. I can't let it happen. 

My parents, friends & teachers are all saying 'Your future is in your own hands'. So what am i gonna do about it? After listening to so much. What are WE gonna do about it? Weeks have just gone by like that and I always have the same feeling at the end of every friday. What is it? 'Ahh, another week gone and i don't think i've done anything beneficial.' What a waste. That feeling of uselessness, rolling up and about in my stomach. I wonder if any of you guys feel the same too.

Now, wondering why i'm blabbing about this all of the sudden? Yeapp. You got it. Exams. I can't help feeling stupid every time i don't understand something. I don't think i'm putting much effort in anything at all lately. I have to prioritize my time. All the unnecessary and unimportant things or situations should be irradiated from my mind.

Rushing to learn so much all at once. The other night i was revising my chemistry on my bed when suddenly i saw my history book lying there all by itself. And then i started to worry about how much i don't know about history. So i put down my Chemistry book and head for history. But when i take up my history book, its a whole different story. I'll think of another subject and then go looking for that book. I mean like, what's wrong with me?

 I don't think i can juggle so much at once. I'm not superwoman k. Any advise maa peeps? :\


  1. Hahas... Yea... I understand how you felt...

  2. Personal time table!
    I've planned it since last year. By following it, all my revision are quite okay..
    Try to plan 1 chapter per subject per 30min to 1 hour each day then everything is gonna be okay. :)

  3. Anonymous,
    Yeapp. The suckiest feeling. Urggh.

    Wahhh. i didn't know you were so systematic la Nic. HAHA! Thanks for the tip! You've just earned a candy!


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