Wednesday, February 9, 2011 ❣

The CNY week.

GRR! I feel like such a meanie for not updating my blog D: Anyway, the CNY holiday is over and we're all back to school. Still not in my studying mood yet. Maybe next week? I think its because i don't have tuition this week. Tak ada motivation kot. HAHA! This will be a post boom-ed with pictures! Especially FOOD! Ok! So I'll start... NOW!

Wednesday . 2FEB2011
Had reunion dinner at home! Kinda fun. Cause i don't get to sit at the same table and eat with my family all the time. Only on special occasions. So it was memorable! :D My mom's cooking!
Crazy family! :P

Thursday . 3FEB2011
Went to one of my cousin's place. My dad's side. I have to admit, it was kinda boring. Cause no one wanna play with me. LOL! Haha! Plus i was a little emotional that day.
Sorry. Only one picture! :) So nice!

Friday . 4FEB2011
Went back to grandma's place for reunion lunch and dinner! Mom's side. Love my fawsome cousins!

My big big family! 

Elmo & Cookie monster! Matchiess. We bought them from thailand!

Cousin Jowie :)
See!! My cousin brother so cute! 

We went to the playground after that!

Model material

The stupid joern push us down -____-

Brother & sister!

Playing catching at age 17! wtflol! We are all so old already. haha! We use to play catching and hide & seek all the time when we were young. Its so tiring playing now. Haha. But we had fun!

And then boo yahh! Gamble gamble! Money keep coming! I'm very lucky this year! :P

Saturday . 5FEB2011
Had a party at my place! Although only very few of my friends came. I still had fun that day! Why? Because of MONEY! Money can make me happy! hahah! I won RM150 that day. Emphasis on the JUST THAT DAY! Haha. Many of my dad's friends came too. All old peoples. Didn't took much pictures that day. Too busy winning money! haha!
A picture with all the aunties and uncles! WOOHOO XD

My friends bullied my little sister D: So mean!

This one even more worst!

This angle make us look short xD HAHA! So chio!

He's so adorkable!

Well at least i've gain something outta that day. A new facebook profile picture! :P

Still in my CNY mood! :P So we're all going to SeeTeng's place this saturday! Heeh. And Valentines day is near! Have you guys found your valentine? :D Mhmm. Any suggestion what i should get for my babiboyf? :P


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