Wednesday, March 23, 2011 ❣

A trip to Taman Pertanian!

Finally, i got the pictures! Muahahah! So I'll start from Friday.

Same old routine. Went to tuition at 6.30pm. But with a different bag. Two very important things happened that night. Both embarrassing and scary. Okay! Let's continue. I brought a big bag, all filled with my clothes. Cause i was gonna sleepover @ Teng's place. I thought bringing my pencil box to tuition will only make my bag heavier. So  I just put a pen into the pocket of my bag.

Here comes the embarrassing part!
I wanted to take my pen out. So i slipped my hand into my bag pocket without looking. I just kept digging and digging. Then  felt something long and hard. I thought it was my pen cause it sure felt like one. Once i took it out. IT WAS MY TOOTHBRUSH!! zomg wtf! Luckily no one saw what happened. So embarrassing wooi!

Went to Teng's place after tuition. We walked out in the middle of the night to buy some bread, tuna, junk food etc. for our trip the next day. We had and encounter with a thief. Not gonna elaborate on that. Too scary. 

We made tuna sandwishes. We finish making all around 3am. HAHA

Daniel, Melissa & I all slept in the living room. Okayy! Melissa most 'san fu' that night xD Daniel and I slept on those long sofa. But Melissa slept on those type of SINGLE SOFA CHAIR! Muahahaha! Me and Teng watch Ju-on 2 until 4AM! HAHAH! 

Okay it was already Saturday a few hours ago xD Haha! Anyway! We slept at 4AM and woke up at 5.30AM. We were spose to wake up at 5AM. Cause we had to rush for the morning bus! Non of us set alarm! OMG! Guess how we woke up? Teng's grandma was coughing like mad! Haha! So loud! I couldn't stand it, so i woke everyone up. We quickly called Eugene to get ready too!

See! It was so dark. The road was ours. haha. We had to walk to the bus stop beside McDonald. Which is like 2KM from Teng's house! Wahlao! And we were running out of time! Then suddenly, our hero appeared!! HAHA! Eugene's mummy passed by. So we all hopped in. 

In the bus. Everyone's still half dead. HAHA! xD We took a bus to the KTM @ Serdang. 

We finally reached the KTM! :D

OMG Look at me! -.- Not awake yet. Worst than dead -.- 

You know ahh. Taking a KTM from Serdang to Shah Alam really takes your life away. So god damn tired! Had to wait for so long. Not only that, we still had to change train! -.- But okay lar. We were very happy! Cause this was our first time taking a KTM! WHOO! xD

We finally reached Taman Pertanian around 8.30AM :D Let the fun begin! :P 

So many people! O.O Was kinda hard to rent a bicycle.

But we did it it the end! Whoo!



Look at me! xD

Guess what? Melissa doesn't know how to ride a bike!! So we spent around 10 minutes teaching her.

And then she almost fell down. But luckily Eugene was there to save her. HAHA!

And in the end, SHE GAVE UP! :(

We had to continue without her D:
Waa. Let me tell you ah! The road really can kill you! 
Literally! The hill is SO high up! Really cycle till your whole body pain! 
We were so so so tired!

So Teng & I stopped for a while. Cause Daniel and Eugene were effing slow! After meeting up with them, we sat down and eat out tuna bread and junk food! :D

And then it RAIN you know! While we were cycling! Rain very heavily! What to do, whole body wet lor! Getting wet doesn't matter that much. The wind was blowing so strongly, it was so COLD! And ah, 
Our sweat + rain water = SI BEH GROSS!

So we went for the SKYTREX ADVENTURE! :D RM45 per person. So worth it! :D They make you climb the trees that are like 15metres high! So fucking high leh! And they also make you walk on long and skinny cables. My legs was shaking like mad! Was so terrified! But it was a great experience! We manage to complete all the obstacles! 

Finally after two hours we were out of the jungle! Haha! Oh yeah! Did i mention we had to wear these hooks and strap thingys on our waist. From the picture above, you can see that i feel very uncomfortable. HAHA!

 But before we leave. We had ice-cream! :D

And group pic before we leave! :D Power rangers man! Fuiyohh. haha


Okay! We had do the same thing again. We took a taxi to Shah Alam station. And then a KTM back to Serdang. And then a bus back to the bus stop beside Mcdonald. And last but not least, we had to walk back to Teng's house. It was already 6PM. We all were fighting for the bathroom. LOL! Cause we had to rush to Putrajaya. 

So we finally got ready and Teng's mummy fetch us to Putrajaya to watch the cute Hot Air Balloon! :D
Everyone not ready except for me! HAHA!

Our clothes all really 'kua jiong'. AHAHA! Especially Daniel's. Because all of us weren't well prepared. 

AWWW! Look at the sad clown balloon! :( 

There are lots of many other cute Hot Air Balloons!

Daniel & Melissa stayed at Teng's house for another night. But i went home after we came back from Putrajaya. Cause i miss my daddy, mummy and of course my BED! Haha! I don't wanna sleep on the sofa! :P Done with this post! Teehee! So pleased with myself la. Haha! I managed to finish this post :D Imma give my baby boy a call nao.




  2. woo, looks like you had fun ;p btw i like to read yr blog la, so interesting. LOL.

  3. @Anonymous, I know -.- How embarrassing.
    @Raine, Yeah! So much fun! Haha. Thanks babe! :D

  4. btw whr you get this blogskin ? (:

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  6. @Raine, Emm.. I'm using blogger's template actually. I just customized it a bit. Like change the background, text font, size & border :D

    @Michelle, thanks girl! :D Errmm. I removed it :X Heeh. You can just comment below my post :P

  7. ohh , okayyy :)
    nice bloq yaa , link you ;)


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