Sunday, March 13, 2011 ❣

Bye bye straight hair!

Don't know la. I just feel like it's nice this way. HAHA! :p

Hello fatties! :D
I went to MidValley for the Edu Fair with my family yesterday! :D After that, mom said she wanted to go to the saloon. God knows why :O She usually doesn't really fancy these type of things. Was kinda shocked actually. But who cares really? Just play along la. *Got good thing then take ma hor? haha! So dad fetched my sister, mom and I there. And he brought my youngest sister home with him. 

I know you all know already la. Haha! I permed my hair! :P Mom cut & dyed her hair. And Euwern got a hair cut too! :D Kinda happy with it! Okay. not kinda. Its super. HAHA! It's much longer than it looks in pictures tho :) Don't be fooled xD While i was waiting, *Oh i hate waiting. my sister took pictures for me :D Oh oh! My straight hair is no longer straight any more! This is the first time i've ever done something to my hair. I mean not including that time i dyed my hair la. First time experience okay! :P

Felt very gan jiong when i was sitting on that chair. wtflol!

At first very exciting one! Damn damn excited! Haha!

Still a lil excited xD

As time passed, it got more and more sien. I actually wanted to kill myself -.-

Then i realised i had to sit for 2 hours! MAMAA! Sit till my ass also open flower

2 HOURS with that thing on my head! So heavy la! D: Omgg. Time was passing by so slow. But my sister more worst. After she cut her hair. She had to wait for me! HAHA! While i was waiting, my mom was waiting for her hair dye too. My sis was just sitting this alone. So 可怜 :P 

So outcome was quite satisfying :D Tittle says : Bye bye straight hair! Still wondering how long will the curls last? Mhmm. Tomorrow's a Monday! And i have school on Wednesday & Thursday. Geez. Can't spend my holiday in peace. Pssh. Currently watch BIGBANG on on SBS Inkigayo :D GD ain't gonna break guitars anymore. haha! 

Anyways, till next time peeps. ttfn!


  1. @@ mummy so good xD HAHAHAH happy?your hair nice la baby <3 <3 <3

  2. Xie xie xie xie! Haha! Thanks bao! ♥

  3. Your hair is so nice~!

  4. Sit till my ass also open flower!
    I like the way you write! Haha!

  5. Eunice! Your curls look super cute ;) Btw relink me, thks.

  6. Anonymous & A boy,
    Haha! Thank you! :P

    Thanks babe! Relinked :D


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤