Wednesday, March 23, 2011 ❣

Exam results!

Apparently I can't update about my Taman Pertanian trip. Cause ahh.. Seeteng still don't want to upload the pictures. Gek sei yan right? :P Anyway, update some other time la! :D Time to talk about exam results! 
But first, everyone check out XIAXUE's latest post! :D I feel kinda insulted. I feel like punching this Peter guy in the face, you know? -.- What a freak. But i was practically laughing through the whole post! Anyway, take your time reading! :D

Now, back to my story! :) Today SPM results are out. Some of my friends got straight A! Like 10A+. OMG! After seeing their results, I really felt like.. OMG! They have like super brain! lol. It made me feel nervous. Thinking about what my SPM results will look lke. And i'm not even close to sitting for SPM! wtf right? But it also made me feel like working harder to achieve my goals.

BM 67% 
English 64%  Okay, our teacher's standards are fucking high!
Add Maths 82%
Mod Maths 65%  I should kill myself. Modmaths worst than my addmaths.
Physics 83% 
Chemistry 53% 
Accounts 40% Gonna drop this sub, dont care.
History 70% 
Moral 60%  

Okay laa. Over all i'm quite satisfied la. Just mad cause i almost failed my accounts paper. Brr. I fucking hate this subject lor. Can kill people one! But i actually shouldn't be mad. I should be happy that i passed this stupid subject. HAHA! Anyway, i think i just found the most PERFECT Mother's & Father's Day gift. LOL! I know. Its still a long time from now, but must prepare one maa. 



  1. Isn't true for history subject?

  2. Of course la! HAHAHA. I WILL BEG XD

  3. eh how can! add maths more than mod maths!!? LOL you must be a genius then. :P I fail my chemistry all the way in form 4 n 5, in the end SPM get A1, so now your results don't determine anything, jiayou okay!!

  4. I know right! I can't believe it either D: Loads of careless mistakes on my mod maths. Pssh! Haha! Thanks Jillian! :D


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