Tuesday, March 1, 2011 ❣

Man's best friend.

Bonjour everyone! There's actually one thing i wanted to blog about for a long time already. I kept giving myself excuses. Urgghh. I'm such a procrastinator. Pshh. Anyway! What i wanted to blog about is that I now have FOUR dogs in my house! Wondering where the other two came from? Well..

Hello! This is Gem. I'm guessing she's a mongrel? She was found outside one of those empty houses around my housing area about a month ago. She was all alone. She had a collar and leash on. But apparently she was all tangled up :( Daddy helped her out of those knots and fed her some food. Cause she was MAD SKINNY! It was like she hadn't eaten in weeks. And judging by her look (teeth xD), daddy says she's only around 4 months old. So 可怜 :( So we took her in and now she's part of our family. We're still training her! She know's how to sit liao! 

Okay! So we're still getting use to having three dogs at home. When suddenly! BOOM! Mom brought another dog home!

Everyone, this is Mylo. He's a Jack Russell. A very hyper active one! haha. I'm not really clear with his story. I only overheard mom talking about it. One of my uncle, i think? Was at Subang Parade and suddenly he saw Mylo. So he grabbed him and brought him to us. LOL! Sounds like dog-napping right? Idk la. I think he was lost or something. Mylo is so hyper active! He can stand on two of his legs and also JUMP very high! lol! 

From left : Lessie, Sunshine, Mylo & Gem! Our dog family! :D Okay, don't laugh la. It's actually really hard getting all of them together for a family photo. One finally sit, then the other stand and run away. Haha! After all, Gem & Mylo are new. So they haven't really adapted to the new environment yet. Still with the running around and smelling each other's butts routine. Sometimes even Lessie & Sunshine get jealous. haha. Suddenly our house has turn into SPCA. wtf!

And look! Its the first of March. Time flies huh? :O ttfn!


  1. yo! woah four dogs (Y) awesome!

  2. four different species dog~ haha :) and all of your dog are not looking at the camera...

  3. Hweihng,
    Haha! Yeah four! Got shit all around my house! ftw! xD

    Wei. I can take a picture of all four of them is already a miracle lo. Haha! So san fu man! One sit then one run. Cannot all sit at the same time. So i am already very proud of that photo! xD

  4. Omg! I like that brown and white one. Sunshine! So cute! Is it a male or female!?

  5. her dog all half male, half female. haha xDD
    hao la, train them la.

  6. Aww . I find Mylo the cutest amongst the pack.

  7. Anonymous,
    She's a female! Teehee!

    What half male half female -__- Sampat. ahaaha

    Serge Norguard,
    Hi! He's super hyper active! haha! Now he can respond to the word 'SIT'! Woohoo!

  8. woah,so many dogs.hahaha,those dogs sure very happy,got so many fren xD where take my nina there?xD the new one is so cute and looks smart. <3

  9. Kaichen,
    Yes yes! Bring Nina over! We have dog party! :P


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤