Saturday, March 26, 2011 ❣

Your comments.

Hellooo. My name is Gih Eunice! -.- Flip to page 50 of our school magazine :)

Just here to revive my blog a little. Can't think of any other thing to update about than my complaints. But i won't complain today :D I've been feeling very bored lately. You know.. After exam and all. I have the urge to play games. Computer games, ps games etc. I wanna be a hardcore gamer! zz. LOL! 

Lots of my readers are asking me where is my chatbox. Well, obviously its removed. You're question should be 'Why did you removed it?' Grr. The truth is, it is because i wanted comments on my post! :D So that when i look back, i can at least see what others think. But if your comments are on my cbox, it won't be saved :( Thats why laaa. Aiyaa. You call choose la. Should i return my chatbox back to its original position? :O

Comment pls :)


  1. I want your chat box bek! ^^

  2. YAA!! you should get it back xDD

  3. I want your chat box back! Much more convenient for me to comment. hehe

  4. @YuanYuan, Haihh. My beautiful name D: See what they did :(
    @Anonymous, really? Haha. Still considering :)

  5. whr is eugene's ps2 game ?


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤