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A hair cut!

You don't have to tell me. I know you miss me! Even i miss myself :D Heeh.

Are you shocked? Hahaha. I've chopped off my curls! I knowww! Its freakin short now! D: 'Eunice do you regret?' Mhmmm. I know i should. But no. Maybe a bit. But hair grows. Haha. So no. And i kinda like the whole wavy hair idea. HAHA! 
I had no plans for today actually. But my mom & my aunt was going to their cousin's saloon for a perm. They asked me if i wanted to go. My answer was NO NO NO. Cause i know if i go, my hand would definitely go itchy and ask for a hair cut. haha. But then ahh, i seriously don't know what happened. Before i knew it, i was in the car with them. OMGG right? Grrr. 
So i went out will all the aunties. They kept asking me to cut my hair D: MY HAIR AHH! So long! My hair use to me until my waist line. NOW AHH! Above my bra strap ah! WTF! D: I yelled 'AHH! Why so short! I said below bra maa!!' Then you know what the aunty reply me? She said 'Aiyoo! …

Kehilangan magik.

Don't ask me about my Malay title. Damn potong i knoww. HAHA. I fatt hao cannot ah? :P

Annyeong-haseyo! :D Okay laa. I seriously feel like killing myself. lol. It's been so long, I didn't even have the slightest urge to log into my blogger account. Which can only lead to one answer - I've totally lost my blogging mojo! I know you guys are kind and you love me very much. So you'll wait for me to get my magic back. Teehee.
Anyway, its a Saturday! Which means... ROT AT HOME! Grr. Not going anywhere today. Lately, i've been playing XDO again. Aiyooo! I used up all my study time for gaming. Shitt! Can die. Omfg. I was shocked to find some left over MPoints in my account :P For you who doesn't know what XDO is. Very obvious, its a game. lol. Google it up :D
Losing patience now. Stay tuned ma hippies! :D


Hello lovelies! I am so so so so happy! LOL! I think the title tells it all :P I finally received my TONIGHT album! FAAAAA! Extremely ha-to the-ppy! Today i went to school with a happy mood! Cause i know my friend Xinwei has got the album that i bought from her. Very very 'gan jiong'!

There's a lil booklet attached to the cover. See my smexayy husband! 
Peekaboo! :P
See the berry berry big picture! Huahua! Its as big as GD's Heartbreaker poster! Should i frame this one too?!

I super duper love YGFAMILY! :) Can't wait for BB & 2NE1 to come to Malaysia! <3