Sunday, May 29, 2011 ❣

Happy holidays!

Bonjour everyone! :D My nose is now all blocked up, and its so hard for me to breathe! I wish i could chop off my stupid nose now! GRRR. Okok! Its the holidays. But i seriously can't feel any holiday vibe -__- Cause i still have to go to school on Monday. Have to go there in the morning for dance practice. Of all the places, why school lehh D: Make me not in the mood and make me feel like sleeping only. Okay la. Stop eunice stop! :D

Despite the fact that i have to go back to school during the holidays -_- Still, say Hi to the holidays everyone! I went to IOI Mall to watch Pirates 4! Exciting :D After watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer in the cinema, i really really really can't wait for the movie!! But its coming out on the 14th of July. And you all know what day that is.

Anyway! See this stupid Po so cute! I watch KungFu Panda 2 on the first day it was out! Teehee. 

Well i hope everyone's having a much more better time during this holiday than me. zzz. What can i look forward to this holiday? I won't even have time to rot at home! D: And not to mention, the second week will be all filled with tuitions. wtf PERFECT -__- K then. Happy holidays everyone! =)

I know laa. I don't update my blog as frequently as i used to D: 
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011 ❣

Movies to watch!

Bonjour everyone! I'm super duper happy! Why?! BECAUSE EXAMS ARE OVER! After 3 whole weeks of locking myself in my room and forcing every bit of information into my tiny brain, FINALLY OVER! Who's a happy girl? ME!

Okay la. The truth is exams are NOT officially over! lolhahahah! Apparently I still have Sivik and PJK paper tomorrow, which is like totally useless. So for me, they are over! :P SO! What to do? What to do? MOVIES! Gonna spend my whole weekend rotting at home and going to the cinema!

Going to watch it this Thursday with a bunch of friends! YAY!

PRIEST! I have absolutely no idea what's this movie about but who cares? HAHA!
Melissa said it was nice! So whattheheck?! GONNA WATCH :S

THOR! And again, i don't know what's this movie about :P
I wonder if they're still showing in cinemas :O

Besides movies and turning into a total pig at home, now's also the time for me to turn into a FEI PO! :D Hehe.Going to eat and eat and eat and eat! :D Come on laa. Who doesn't love to eat. Muahahaha. I personally like Domino's more than Pizza Hut. Idk why either. I've been eating Domino's since young. i only started eating Pizza Hut when i was form 1. Introduced by Tan Ah Ling :D So yeah. DOMINOS FTW :P

 One of my teacher just gave me like 4 Dominos Pizza voucher! BUY ONE FREE ONE! TEEHEE.
SEE SEE! Going to eat and eat! *licks Might order one later! hahaha!

IT'S TIME TO ENJOY! Who wants to be fat with me?! HAHAHA 

Sunday, May 22, 2011 ❣

Another boring Saturday.

I've repainted my toenails! :) Many people told me red's a scary colour. HAHA! So yeah.

Hello fatties! :) Can you sense that this blog is dead? TEEHEE. I'd blame exams for that. Because of it, i've once again lost my blogging mojo. GREAT :D Still have a few more papers to go! Only a couple of subjects to worry about now! Physics and Chemistry paper 3. Moral, Sivik & PJK can screw themselves inside out and upside down! :D Alright then. I'll stop crapping and start reviving my blog! :P

Went to couzie Jowie's place today! :D Played NARUTO on his ps2. Like siao only. Chi gek dou sei. Muahahaa. Anyway, i woke up at 10 this morning. And we head off to Jowie's at around 2ish? When Calvin came, he gave us a mask thingy. Men's Biore something. LOL!

I've only put a mask on two times in my entire life. And i don't know how to do it. So my lovely biewgo helped me :) One thing ah. I have seriously no idea what's the difference between a packet of mask that has the word men's on it and a one that doesn't. Aren't they the same? You mean mask also got gender one ah? LOL. Or is it only for guys? Same goes to those shampoos. Can girls use them too? O.O

OK WHATEVS. Jowie, Joern and my sis all put on this anti-blackhead, weird looking nose mask thingy! :D All of us looked so k yeng sitting in a row in front of the tv. LOL! But too bad i didn't took any pictures :P 

Jowie! :D *I hate gross blurry pictures! Thats why i didn't upload most of the pictures i took. zzz

You think i very free meh! Take so many pictures! LOL! Okay! So like surprisingly when i peel off the mask, there was nothing on it! MEANING! I have a clean nose! And when i peel the freaking stupid mask off, my face and skin was like fucking in pain! -.- I should have tapped some water on my nose before i tear it off instead of just peeling it off like a freakin banana skin -___-

Ee's birthday is next Saturday! I've bought her a very berry nice present! 

Its two in the morning already! Time just passes so fast. wtflol! Time for bed! :) Good night folks!

Sunday, May 15, 2011 ❣

You're Beautiful.

Hello peepos! Doesn't this effect look nice? :D Heeh. Its been like a week since I updated my blog. Did anyone missed me? Or did anyone even notice i was gone -.- I sense a dead blog D: Anyway, I'm guessing all of you know the reason for my so call sudden hiatus. Exams lor -_- If you guys really know what I've been up to lately, you should follow me on Twitter :P *promoting hahaha. Okay, back to topic. 

You know the korean drama 原来是美男. I've been begging my friend Melissa to borrow the dvd to me since like a year ago. And guess what? Of all the times, she choose to give it to me now! DURING EXAM WEEK! Die or not? No need to study already lo! Grrr. *I know la. I'm so damn outdated. Now only watch D:

But anyway, i didn't control myself. Hahah. So i finished watching all 16 episodes during my first week of exams. So I didn't really put much effort into my studies. LOL! But I think my results will be okay, i hope D: Okay anyway anyway! After all 16 episodes, I can make a conclusion...

I've officially fallen in love with Jang Geun Suk. AHHH! I've watch one of his movies before when i was form 3, Hwangjini. He's smile is super cuteee!! OMG. I actually wanted to find him, but i didn't know his name :O But now, muahahahahahha. His smile damn what lor! ahhh! I wanna watch One Miss Call because of him! 
*Ahemm. I still love my GD! Hope he's injured leg heal faster D:

Current phone wallpaper :P muahahah! i feel like eating him!

And current lockscreen! WHEEE! SO CHIOO!

Next, Lee Hong Ki! I didn't really notice him until i saw this drama. Omgg! Jeremy is so so cute! Waaa. Really can't help but scream everytime he appeared! Super like his Bi Bi Noodles dance!

And Park Shin Hye! She's so fluffy! I feel like hugging her and pinching her face! :D

Mhmm. Wondering whether this obsession with Geun Geun is just temporary :P Nyahahaha. Hope so :P Can't really concentrate on anything with him in my head. Like seriously. I think i have to stop getting so attached to all these korean pop stars. Not too attach at least. I've bought too many of BB albums, i'm really broke. I don't even have money for my own personal needs. Like, a new pair of contact lens & liquid eyeliner. I CAN'T afford it as my wallet is still healing from all the BB goodies i bought D:

After reading this post. please don't think of me as an outdated person. I'm really an INdate girl :P I just didn't took the time to find the dvd. HAHAH. And like seriously, if my results turns out really really lousy.. I'll blame you! MELISSA FOO LYE ENG! Nyahahahah!  

Okay! Have Addmaths paper tomorrow. Need a good night sleep. Wish me luck! :) TATAFORNAO! =D

Friday, May 6, 2011 ❣

Exam face on!

Halo dai ka hou! :D You know what? I noticed something. I don't upload a picture of myself very often D: I mean like a lot of pictures. Its always ONE and then boring old words. So my plan was actually to boom this post with lots of ugly pictures of myself. But lately I'm not so photogenic :O I've taken like hundreds of photos and end up DELETING them all -.- What a waste of my precious time. I feel so stupid :(

But i assure you, this post won't be as boring as the others. Because i'm gonna upload TWO photos of myself. Waaa! Two ahh! So exciting! -.- I know.. I'm such a pig D: HAHA. Wait for my magic and feeling to come back first.

And this is the second picture. HAHAHA! Was studying my Chemistry while lying on my comfy bed. 
The best way to study! :P Exams are near la okay! No more fooling around *serious face

Speaking of exams. I really gotta get my head in the game. I have to clear my mind and start revising all my form 4 stuffs. Especially form 4 Physics and History. I expect all subjects to at least be a C+. (i'm talking about my History. HAHA) And i want my average percentage to be above 70%. For the last exam i only got 67%. I know i can do it :) So good luck to everyone who's taking their exams! Study hard! :P Just like me! *coughs

And wish me luck also ahh! haha =P
One last thing! I have another FAT Nuffnang cheque coming in soon! YAY!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 ❣

Goodbye doesn't always mean the end.

Referring back to March 1st. That was the day I got my dog, Gem. Click here to view post! There was one time, i don't remember mentioning about it here in my blog. But there once where non of us were home, only my housemaid. So when she got downstairs to the car porch, she saw that a stray dog has came into my house. And apparently it was raping Gem! 

After that night, my parents said that if Gem got pregnant, we'll have to send her off to SPCA. Its already been a month since that situation. We all thought it was over and that she's not pregnant. And then god knows what happened! Her breasts started to look like they were develop. So my parents & brother brought her to SPCA to check if she's pregnant or not. And then.. You know laa. The people there confirmed she's pregnant. And she's about to deliver next week. NEXT WEEK! 

We couldn't tell she was pregnant probably because she's like super thin. So ermm. Like what my parents agreed. We have to leave her there. When i got up the car after school today. Everyone looked so down. I saw Gem's leash lying on the seat of the car and kinda figured the whole thing out. It was for one saddening. Gem was already a part of our family. My baby sis, EE has no idea about this yet D: I hope she doesn't cry for too long.

哭过了就好 :) All I can do now is wish, hope and pray that my beloved Gem will end up at a safe and happier place :D Like what my title says Goodbye doesn't always mean the end  We'll meat again someday :]

Monday, May 2, 2011 ❣

Another new look!

Bonjour everyone!
My blog change a lot already lehh? :P *winks I have no idea why. But I always find myself changing skin after skins. You know laa. I get bored with things very fast :X And plus, my previous blog template has been around for like ages already. I know everyone also see dao sien. Am i right? RIGHT! See! No wonder i've been loosing readers. Dang it! wtfomglol. I can't believe it. I;m actually talking to myself -.-

Mhmm. I find my fonts somewhat harder to read. I mean seriously. I feel kinda tired just looking at them. Its like blending in with my background. What do you think? Should i change the font colour? :O

kk whatevs. Anyway, what do you think? I somehow think its a lil tacky. Urrhh. But change is good right? :D

HAHA. Nice lehhhh? *coughs

Sunday, May 1, 2011 ❣

A trip to Taylors University College.

Helloo everyone. I know everyone missed me :D Midterms are just around the corner and I'm so so nervous. I just finished 3 hours of having my face soaked into my Chemistry book. I swear i almost died. Worst part is.. i have to revise the form 4 ones too D: Ahhh. My hair all falling now. I have an hour to finish up all my craps here. After that i have to go back to my chemistry. So imma do this quick quick quick! :D

So our school organized a class trip for 5Jati & 5Cengal to Taylors University College. Which is good. Not only because we get a free trip to Taylors.. We also get to skip a whole day of classes. Muahahaha! 

Jia jia & Lynn. Haha

And then it was crazy time! :P 

Jia & Lynn. They look like babies! HAHAHA
Lynn, myself & bitch. HAHA! I mean Daniel :P

Our first destination was their Subang Jaya campus. Looks normal laa 

I look so pretty with my eyes closed! :D -.-

And the we went into the lecture theater. So so colddd! 

This guy is Raymond. I don't know why, where or when. But I've met him 4 times already. HAHAHA!

HELLOOO! This is my FUGLY constipated face :) I knoww. But i still choose to show it to you guys :)

I thought our trip ended here. Which was kinda boring. Cause it wasn't all that. HAHA. Next stop, LAKESIDE CAMPUS! So goddamn matha farking big! Why haven't i been to this place before?! Its like a shopping center!

We play some sort of game. Eugene couldn't stop saying 'The Amazing Race' -.- We had to run around the whole campus asking the students retarded questions. Haha. It was exciting :P We didn't win, and we certainly didn't lose either.

And *jeng jeng jeng* THE LOSERS. HAHA

Seeee! I look like a monster at the back! TEEHEE.

It was so fucking hot and yet i still managed to smile! :D

And then we headed back to school. AHHH! Everyone was so sad. Cause we were all comparing our school to Taylors. zomg. See the lousy school bus stop .. SIEN. Uhhh. Anyway i really can't wait to graduate. hahaha. 
OMG -.- Our beautiful school :D

YAM XIU take 1 :P 


研究-ing Lynn's bruised thumb :P 

Okay. My time's almost up. Need to rush back to my Chemistry. I wish SOMETHING would happen now D: So boring. And plus i really don't know how to kick start my studying mood. HOW?! I keep telling myself 'Eunice ahh. If you fail, the only one you can blame is yourself. SO DON'T FAIL!' But i really cannot study now -,- GRRR. 

WANT A. NEED A. ttfn!
Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤