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Movies to watch!

Bonjour everyone! I'm super duper happy! Why?! BECAUSE EXAMS ARE OVER! After 3 whole weeks of locking myself in my room and forcing every bit of information into my tiny brain, FINALLY OVER! Who's a happy girl? ME!

Okay la. The truth is exams are NOT officially over! lolhahahah! Apparently I still have Sivik and PJK paper tomorrow, which is like totally useless. So for me, they are over! :P SO! What to do? What to do? MOVIES! Gonna spend my whole weekend rotting at home and going to the cinema!

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES! :D MUST WATCH!  Going to watch it this Thursday with a bunch of friends! YAY!
PRIEST! I have absolutely no idea what's this movie about but who cares? HAHA! Melissa said it was nice! So whattheheck?! GONNA WATCH :S
THOR! And again, i don't know what's this movie about :P I wonder if they're still showing in cinemas :O
Besides movies and turning into a total pig at home, now's also the time for me to turn into a FEI PO! :D …

You're Beautiful.

Hello peepos! Doesn't this effect look nice? :D Heeh. Its been like a week since I updated my blog. Did anyone missed me? Or did anyone even notice i was gone -.- I sense a dead blog D: Anyway, I'm guessing all of you know the reason for my so call sudden hiatus. Exams lor -_- If you guys really know what I've been up to lately, you should follow me on Twitter :P *promoting hahaha. Okay, back to topic. 

You know the korean drama 原来是美男. I've been begging my friend Melissa to borrow the dvd to me since like a year ago. And guess what? Of all the times, she choose to give it to me now! DURING EXAM WEEK! Die or not? No need to study already lo! Grrr. *I know la. I'm so damn outdated. Now only watch D:
But anyway, i didn't control myself. Hahah. So i finished watching all 16 episodes during my first week of exams. So I didn't really put much effort into my studies. LOL! But I think my results will be okay, i hope D: Okay anyway anyway! After all 16 episodes, I …

A trip to Taylors University College.

Helloo everyone. I know everyone missed me :D Midterms are just around the corner and I'm so so nervous. I just finished 3 hours of having my face soaked into my Chemistry book. I swear i almost died. Worst part is.. i have to revise the form 4 ones too D: Ahhh. My hair all falling now. I have an hour to finish up all my craps here. After that i have to go back to my chemistry. So imma do this quick quick quick! :D
So our school organized a class trip for 5Jati & 5Cengal to Taylors University College. Which is good. Not only because we get a free trip to Taylors.. We also get to skip a whole day of classes. Muahahaha! 
Jia jia & Lynn. Haha
And then it was crazy time! :P 
Jia & Lynn. They look like babies! HAHAHA Lynn, myself & bitch. HAHA! I mean Daniel :P
Our first destination was their Subang Jaya campus. Looks normal laa 
I look so pretty with my eyes closed! :D -.-
And the we went into the lecture theater. So so colddd! 
This guy is Raymond. I don't know w…