Sunday, May 22, 2011 ❣

Another boring Saturday.

I've repainted my toenails! :) Many people told me red's a scary colour. HAHA! So yeah.

Hello fatties! :) Can you sense that this blog is dead? TEEHEE. I'd blame exams for that. Because of it, i've once again lost my blogging mojo. GREAT :D Still have a few more papers to go! Only a couple of subjects to worry about now! Physics and Chemistry paper 3. Moral, Sivik & PJK can screw themselves inside out and upside down! :D Alright then. I'll stop crapping and start reviving my blog! :P

Went to couzie Jowie's place today! :D Played NARUTO on his ps2. Like siao only. Chi gek dou sei. Muahahaa. Anyway, i woke up at 10 this morning. And we head off to Jowie's at around 2ish? When Calvin came, he gave us a mask thingy. Men's Biore something. LOL!

I've only put a mask on two times in my entire life. And i don't know how to do it. So my lovely biewgo helped me :) One thing ah. I have seriously no idea what's the difference between a packet of mask that has the word men's on it and a one that doesn't. Aren't they the same? You mean mask also got gender one ah? LOL. Or is it only for guys? Same goes to those shampoos. Can girls use them too? O.O

OK WHATEVS. Jowie, Joern and my sis all put on this anti-blackhead, weird looking nose mask thingy! :D All of us looked so k yeng sitting in a row in front of the tv. LOL! But too bad i didn't took any pictures :P 

Jowie! :D *I hate gross blurry pictures! Thats why i didn't upload most of the pictures i took. zzz

You think i very free meh! Take so many pictures! LOL! Okay! So like surprisingly when i peel off the mask, there was nothing on it! MEANING! I have a clean nose! And when i peel the freaking stupid mask off, my face and skin was like fucking in pain! -.- I should have tapped some water on my nose before i tear it off instead of just peeling it off like a freakin banana skin -___-

Ee's birthday is next Saturday! I've bought her a very berry nice present! 

Its two in the morning already! Time just passes so fast. wtflol! Time for bed! :) Good night folks!


  1. your nails.erm erm erm,not so nice la.i think la XD

  2. "peeling it off like a freaking BANANA SKIN?!"
    love this sentence xD



Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤