Monday, May 2, 2011 ❣

Another new look!

Bonjour everyone!
My blog change a lot already lehh? :P *winks I have no idea why. But I always find myself changing skin after skins. You know laa. I get bored with things very fast :X And plus, my previous blog template has been around for like ages already. I know everyone also see dao sien. Am i right? RIGHT! See! No wonder i've been loosing readers. Dang it! wtfomglol. I can't believe it. I;m actually talking to myself -.-

Mhmm. I find my fonts somewhat harder to read. I mean seriously. I feel kinda tired just looking at them. Its like blending in with my background. What do you think? Should i change the font colour? :O

kk whatevs. Anyway, what do you think? I somehow think its a lil tacky. Urrhh. But change is good right? :D

HAHA. Nice lehhhh? *coughs


  1. YERRRRR. YOUR BLOG SO NICEEEE!!! All from Blogger ah ? :O

  2. To Adele :
    Nahhh. Hahaha. Its all from a different website.
    Thanks Adele! :D

  3. I've waited for one thousand years already ah =.= When are you going to design for me!! HMPH!

  4. Ohh. Leng lui your blog skin is so nice! May i know where did you get it from? =D

  5. pokle dotzz :o i like it :)

  6. To Wendy :
    HAHAHA! When I'm free for you la :P And don't so kuajiong can? Where got one thousand years. wtflol!

    To Prisong :
    Thank you! :D

    To Minkyy:
    If i'm not mistaken i think its . Cause i just been to too many sites. & kinda lost track of what and where i downloaded :X

    To Gloria:
    Thank you Gloria! :D

  7. Website? :O What website is it ?

  8. To Sueyi :
    The previous one very sien liao hor? x)

    To Adele :
    Its either or or maybe even some other site. I really can't remember. HAHA! I've been to too many sites and downloaded too many templates. AHAHAA

  9. Your blog is so nice!

  10. To Anonymous :
    Thank you! :)

    To Melanie :
    Haha. Xiexie lenglui! :P


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤