Friday, May 6, 2011 ❣

Exam face on!

Halo dai ka hou! :D You know what? I noticed something. I don't upload a picture of myself very often D: I mean like a lot of pictures. Its always ONE and then boring old words. So my plan was actually to boom this post with lots of ugly pictures of myself. But lately I'm not so photogenic :O I've taken like hundreds of photos and end up DELETING them all -.- What a waste of my precious time. I feel so stupid :(

But i assure you, this post won't be as boring as the others. Because i'm gonna upload TWO photos of myself. Waaa! Two ahh! So exciting! -.- I know.. I'm such a pig D: HAHA. Wait for my magic and feeling to come back first.

And this is the second picture. HAHAHA! Was studying my Chemistry while lying on my comfy bed. 
The best way to study! :P Exams are near la okay! No more fooling around *serious face

Speaking of exams. I really gotta get my head in the game. I have to clear my mind and start revising all my form 4 stuffs. Especially form 4 Physics and History. I expect all subjects to at least be a C+. (i'm talking about my History. HAHA) And i want my average percentage to be above 70%. For the last exam i only got 67%. I know i can do it :) So good luck to everyone who's taking their exams! Study hard! :P Just like me! *coughs

And wish me luck also ahh! haha =P
One last thing! I have another FAT Nuffnang cheque coming in soon! YAY!

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Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤