Tuesday, May 3, 2011 ❣

Goodbye doesn't always mean the end.

Referring back to March 1st. That was the day I got my dog, Gem. Click here to view post! There was one time, i don't remember mentioning about it here in my blog. But there once where non of us were home, only my housemaid. So when she got downstairs to the car porch, she saw that a stray dog has came into my house. And apparently it was raping Gem! 

After that night, my parents said that if Gem got pregnant, we'll have to send her off to SPCA. Its already been a month since that situation. We all thought it was over and that she's not pregnant. And then god knows what happened! Her breasts started to look like they were develop. So my parents & brother brought her to SPCA to check if she's pregnant or not. And then.. You know laa. The people there confirmed she's pregnant. And she's about to deliver next week. NEXT WEEK! 

We couldn't tell she was pregnant probably because she's like super thin. So ermm. Like what my parents agreed. We have to leave her there. When i got up the car after school today. Everyone looked so down. I saw Gem's leash lying on the seat of the car and kinda figured the whole thing out. It was for one saddening. Gem was already a part of our family. My baby sis, EE has no idea about this yet D: I hope she doesn't cry for too long.

哭过了就好 :) All I can do now is wish, hope and pray that my beloved Gem will end up at a safe and happier place :D Like what my title says Goodbye doesn't always mean the end  We'll meat again someday :]


  1. I hope your sister Eueve don't cry. She's always so cute. But i dont think she will be anymore if she cries :(

  2. Hope&pray that gem will have a good life~ she's been through a lot ='[

  3. I really love the way you write and the way you describe things. But one thing, its just a dog O.o ...

  4. so sad, can't your parents bring her back after she deliever all the babies?


  5. Wendy
    Uh huhh D: Hope she doesn't get herself into anymore trouble.

    To Minkyy :
    Thanks. And she's not just a dog. She's a FAMILY member :)

    To Lynn :
    I knew you were interested in this post! :P And no. Can't :( Cause after she deliver, and IF we want to bring her back, we're gonna have to spay her. And that will cost about 300 bucks. And their not even 100% sure she'll live after the spaying procedure :(

  6. yoooooo baby,DONT sad la :) as your title,goodbye doesnt mean the end ma.dun sad :) ily ma. <3 Btw,new blog layout is so nice leh.XDDD

  7. To KaiChen :
    I'm okay la ahpekk :P Worry about EE only :P You come here and kiss her la. Sure fly. HAHA!


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