Tuesday, May 24, 2011 ❣

Movies to watch!

Bonjour everyone! I'm super duper happy! Why?! BECAUSE EXAMS ARE OVER! After 3 whole weeks of locking myself in my room and forcing every bit of information into my tiny brain, FINALLY OVER! Who's a happy girl? ME!

Okay la. The truth is exams are NOT officially over! lolhahahah! Apparently I still have Sivik and PJK paper tomorrow, which is like totally useless. So for me, they are over! :P SO! What to do? What to do? MOVIES! Gonna spend my whole weekend rotting at home and going to the cinema!

Going to watch it this Thursday with a bunch of friends! YAY!

PRIEST! I have absolutely no idea what's this movie about but who cares? HAHA!
Melissa said it was nice! So whattheheck?! GONNA WATCH :S

THOR! And again, i don't know what's this movie about :P
I wonder if they're still showing in cinemas :O

Besides movies and turning into a total pig at home, now's also the time for me to turn into a FEI PO! :D Hehe.Going to eat and eat and eat and eat! :D Come on laa. Who doesn't love to eat. Muahahaha. I personally like Domino's more than Pizza Hut. Idk why either. I've been eating Domino's since young. i only started eating Pizza Hut when i was form 1. Introduced by Tan Ah Ling :D So yeah. DOMINOS FTW :P

 One of my teacher just gave me like 4 Dominos Pizza voucher! BUY ONE FREE ONE! TEEHEE.
SEE SEE! Going to eat and eat! *licks Might order one later! hahaha!

IT'S TIME TO ENJOY! Who wants to be fat with me?! HAHAHA 

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