Sunday, May 1, 2011 ❣

A trip to Taylors University College.

Helloo everyone. I know everyone missed me :D Midterms are just around the corner and I'm so so nervous. I just finished 3 hours of having my face soaked into my Chemistry book. I swear i almost died. Worst part is.. i have to revise the form 4 ones too D: Ahhh. My hair all falling now. I have an hour to finish up all my craps here. After that i have to go back to my chemistry. So imma do this quick quick quick! :D

So our school organized a class trip for 5Jati & 5Cengal to Taylors University College. Which is good. Not only because we get a free trip to Taylors.. We also get to skip a whole day of classes. Muahahaha! 

Jia jia & Lynn. Haha

And then it was crazy time! :P 

Jia & Lynn. They look like babies! HAHAHA
Lynn, myself & bitch. HAHA! I mean Daniel :P

Our first destination was their Subang Jaya campus. Looks normal laa 

I look so pretty with my eyes closed! :D -.-

And the we went into the lecture theater. So so colddd! 

This guy is Raymond. I don't know why, where or when. But I've met him 4 times already. HAHAHA!

HELLOOO! This is my FUGLY constipated face :) I knoww. But i still choose to show it to you guys :)

I thought our trip ended here. Which was kinda boring. Cause it wasn't all that. HAHA. Next stop, LAKESIDE CAMPUS! So goddamn matha farking big! Why haven't i been to this place before?! Its like a shopping center!

We play some sort of game. Eugene couldn't stop saying 'The Amazing Race' -.- We had to run around the whole campus asking the students retarded questions. Haha. It was exciting :P We didn't win, and we certainly didn't lose either.

And *jeng jeng jeng* THE LOSERS. HAHA

Seeee! I look like a monster at the back! TEEHEE.

It was so fucking hot and yet i still managed to smile! :D

And then we headed back to school. AHHH! Everyone was so sad. Cause we were all comparing our school to Taylors. zomg. See the lousy school bus stop .. SIEN. Uhhh. Anyway i really can't wait to graduate. hahaha. 
OMG -.- Our beautiful school :D

YAM XIU take 1 :P 


研究-ing Lynn's bruised thumb :P 

Okay. My time's almost up. Need to rush back to my Chemistry. I wish SOMETHING would happen now D: So boring. And plus i really don't know how to kick start my studying mood. HOW?! I keep telling myself 'Eunice ahh. If you fail, the only one you can blame is yourself. SO DON'T FAIL!' But i really cannot study now -,- GRRR. 

WANT A. NEED A. ttfn!


  1. You still look beautiful in your 'crappy exam face'

  2. Jiayou in your exam sis! ^_^

  3. To Anonymous :
    Haha. Thanks? :P

    To Wendy :
    Thanks sis. You too! :D

  4. LOL.. our "beautiful school" XD


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤