Sunday, May 15, 2011 ❣

You're Beautiful.

Hello peepos! Doesn't this effect look nice? :D Heeh. Its been like a week since I updated my blog. Did anyone missed me? Or did anyone even notice i was gone -.- I sense a dead blog D: Anyway, I'm guessing all of you know the reason for my so call sudden hiatus. Exams lor -_- If you guys really know what I've been up to lately, you should follow me on Twitter :P *promoting hahaha. Okay, back to topic. 

You know the korean drama 原来是美男. I've been begging my friend Melissa to borrow the dvd to me since like a year ago. And guess what? Of all the times, she choose to give it to me now! DURING EXAM WEEK! Die or not? No need to study already lo! Grrr. *I know la. I'm so damn outdated. Now only watch D:

But anyway, i didn't control myself. Hahah. So i finished watching all 16 episodes during my first week of exams. So I didn't really put much effort into my studies. LOL! But I think my results will be okay, i hope D: Okay anyway anyway! After all 16 episodes, I can make a conclusion...

I've officially fallen in love with Jang Geun Suk. AHHH! I've watch one of his movies before when i was form 3, Hwangjini. He's smile is super cuteee!! OMG. I actually wanted to find him, but i didn't know his name :O But now, muahahahahahha. His smile damn what lor! ahhh! I wanna watch One Miss Call because of him! 
*Ahemm. I still love my GD! Hope he's injured leg heal faster D:

Current phone wallpaper :P muahahah! i feel like eating him!

And current lockscreen! WHEEE! SO CHIOO!

Next, Lee Hong Ki! I didn't really notice him until i saw this drama. Omgg! Jeremy is so so cute! Waaa. Really can't help but scream everytime he appeared! Super like his Bi Bi Noodles dance!

And Park Shin Hye! She's so fluffy! I feel like hugging her and pinching her face! :D

Mhmm. Wondering whether this obsession with Geun Geun is just temporary :P Nyahahaha. Hope so :P Can't really concentrate on anything with him in my head. Like seriously. I think i have to stop getting so attached to all these korean pop stars. Not too attach at least. I've bought too many of BB albums, i'm really broke. I don't even have money for my own personal needs. Like, a new pair of contact lens & liquid eyeliner. I CAN'T afford it as my wallet is still healing from all the BB goodies i bought D:

After reading this post. please don't think of me as an outdated person. I'm really an INdate girl :P I just didn't took the time to find the dvd. HAHAH. And like seriously, if my results turns out really really lousy.. I'll blame you! MELISSA FOO LYE ENG! Nyahahahah!  

Okay! Have Addmaths paper tomorrow. Need a good night sleep. Wish me luck! :) TATAFORNAO! =D


  1. No doubt. you're really an outdated person. jkjk! hehe


  3. You are beautiful!

  4. To Minkyy :
    Hahahah. I know! I feel outdated :P

    To KaiChen :
    Where got! NONONONOOO! I never kaozai D: Just gap. Nyaahahaha!

    To Anonymous :
    Thank you ;)

  5. AWW!! LEEHONGKI! Damn cute la!! <3<3<3

  6. To AhYuan :
    I know right?! hahaha


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤