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Responding to peer pressure.

Hello world! :D I've beeen so stress lately! :O So many decisions to make. And not to mention its already the END OF JUNE! I just wish time would wait for me. Five more days till the so call 'Explosion Month' arrive! July is gonna be a real hectic month. I just might die! wtf! My schedule all full! I have no time at all. And trials are so near :( I feel so guilty. I haven't been studying at all lately. *screams and jumps up and down*
9th July - Auditions for myschoolrocks. (haven't finish choreographing!)
5th July - Singing Competition. 11th July - Jia's birthday. 14th July - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 !! :D 17th July - McDonald Run 2011 // School Annual sports day. (WHICH TO CHOOSE?) 23rd July - School Superstar competition. (haven't even started choreographing!) 2 performance! SING & DANCE. 29th July - Brother's and Melissa's birthday.
So far this is all i can remember. There's so much more to do! :( July no need to stud…

No promises.

Routine. School, dance, tuition, stress. Though the only thing on my mind is Spm Trial.  GRRRR AHHH. OKOK. INNER PEACE EUNICE INNER PEACE. 
I'm not gonna bored you with my problems and crappy ramblings. Whattheheck :)  Will come up with a proper post soon :) OOPS! Then again... Read the tittle :P

Cameron Highlands

Bonjour everyone! I haven't done a proper post in a berry long time. So here you go! I spent my weekend up in Cameron Highlands with my family and relatives! I had tons of fun! :D But too bad the week's over. The second week of my holiday is all booked up with tuition and more tuition. Morning, afternoon and night! Kill me please? :O Okay. Enough said. Time to crap! :D

First time blogging on phone!

Hello world! I know what you're thinking. Why the hello did I edit my photo like that. zz. Well if you must know... I downloaded an app called PicSay and as you can tell by the ugliness of the pic, I'm just trying it out. It's super awesome :P A lot of effects for you to choose from! :D heh. 
FYI, this is my first time blogging with my HTC Wildfire! So yeahh, you have to excuse me if this post looks freaking cacat. HAHAHA! I'm currently lying on my comfy bed. Ahhh. This is soo interesting yo!

Anyway, I just came home from Cameron Highlands. Went jungle tracking! Loads of fun!
Will update about that tmr! :D
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