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Cameron Highlands

Bonjour everyone! I haven't done a proper post in a berry long time. So here you go! I spent my weekend up in Cameron Highlands with my family and relatives! I had tons of fun! :D But too bad the week's over. The second week of my holiday is all booked up with tuition and more tuition. Morning, afternoon and night! Kill me please? :O Okay. Enough said. Time to crap! :D

We met up with Jowie's family @ Sg Buloh Jejantas and then headed off to Cameron! :D We reached there very late in the night, around 1am i think? Cause apparently we stop at many many places. HAHA! We stayed in an apartment! :) My big big family and I! HAHA! Around 20 people stuffed inside a berry small apartment. wtflol! So my sis and I had to sleep on the crazy hard floor for the first night. omgg. We slept at 2am and woke up at 7am! Cause the floor was so freaking uncomfortable! 

So yeah.  Highlight of the day, JUNGLE TREKKING! :D But first, we went to a tea farm :)

I can barely open my eyes yo! :O It might look hot, but its actually very cooling! haha

Calvin & Wendy. Their were trying to do the Titanic thing. But as you can see, EPIC FAIL. HAHA

And here's where the jungle trekking starts! YAY! We're so high up! hahaa

Group photo with the two kids that aren't allowed to trek with us!

Squad photo before going up

Beginning our journey!

Model material

It was cold...


Cally, Genie, Wek, Ernie, Bern

Going higher and higher

Sup mom

Looks very fun lehh? I feel like Dora the explorer! HAHAHAHA

Family photo! Cally, Ginny, Jelly, Nilly (me), Ernie and Berny! HAHAHAH

Who was our leader, the one who brought us here to trek this mountain jungle??? Ah Ken gorgor!

Had tons of fun! Haha. Though after we came home, all our arms and legs were aching! OMG! My leg muscles damn pain! Hahaha. And of course during our little walk in the jungle, some people fell down! hahaahha. And it was recorded too! HAHAHA! At night, eventhough everyone was tired and PAIN.. :P We still went to Pasar Malam!

This time i didn't sleep on the floor again. haha. My sis and I slept on the BED! YAY! But sadly, us sleeping on the bed means my brother sleep on the floor D: But when we woke up in the morning, my dad was the one who slept on the fucking hard floor! I feel so guilty man!

I totally forgotten what we did in the morning :O HAHAA! In the afternoon we went to Tanah Rata!

Ahhh, we use to come to the playground here everytime we came to Cameron Highland since we were young. Our childhood memory! It use to be very muddy. And it didn't use to have so many playing thingys. It only had mud, wood, grass and more mud.
My sister munching on a big muffin. Look at me with my tongue out beside her -__- I think i just ate some sort of rojak thing. Kinda spicy and apparently i can't find any water. HAHA. So we didn't go anywhere after that. We spent our whole night in the apartment :D BBQ and played lots of games. HAHAHA. Love my family so much! We kept laughing non stop. Luckily none of our neighbours complained!

See this girl! Non stop texting. Tsk tsk!

Change pants already still continue texting! hahaha

So yeah.. I felt bad for making my dad sleep on the hard floor the other night. So i forced my sister to sleep on the floor with me. OMG! THE PAIN! D: But what to do? Not enough beds. The only thing i had was a stupid sleeping bag and a tiny pillow. It was not only uncomfortable, it was also fucking cold!! omg.

Time to go home! :D Woke up early in the morning with an aching back, again. zz. We packed our stuffs and guess what? Of course we didn't went home yet laaa. Where did we go to? TO A CACTUS FARM! HAHA

After that, we also stopped at i don't know where. LOL! And we went to a very berry big waterfall!

Muahahahah! What do you think they're about to do? :P
more pictures on FACEBOOK :)

So like i said, this week's gonna be all filled with tuitions and craps. No more outing D: Until the weekends la. heh! Gotta find time for my friends. Need some shopping time! :D OHH! And i still haven't figure out what to do for that Chemistry assignment my teacher gave us. SHIAT. I just keep thinking of POTATO CHIPS. LOLZZ!

Going to tuition naoo! Au revoir! =D

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