Sunday, June 26, 2011 ❣

Responding to peer pressure.

Hello world! :D I've beeen so stress lately! :O So many decisions to make. And not to mention its already the END OF JUNE! I just wish time would wait for me. Five more days till the so call 'Explosion Month' arrive! July is gonna be a real hectic month. I just might die! wtf! My schedule all full! I have no time at all. And trials are so near :( I feel so guilty. I haven't been studying at all lately. *screams and jumps up and down*

9th July - Auditions for myschoolrocks. (haven't finish choreographing!)
5th July - Singing Competition.
11th July - Jia's birthday.
14th July - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 !! :D
17th July - McDonald Run 2011 // School Annual sports day. (WHICH TO CHOOSE?)
23rd July - School Superstar competition. (haven't even started choreographing!) 2 performance! SING & DANCE.
29th July - Brother's and Melissa's birthday.

So far this is all i can remember. There's so much more to do! :( July no need to study already lor! zzz. I think i really have to start restricting myself from using too much of my time on the computer. ANYWAY! I have something to confess. HAHAHA! I am actually not that nervous or afraid of SPM's arrival. lol. Weird lehh? 141 DAYS LEFT!

Feels like i haven't been camwhoring in a long time. hahaha. 

And speaking of pictures! I found an old pendrive of mine. While i was rummaging through it. GUESS WHAT I FOUND! I found a couple of pictures of myself when i was form 1! Kinda disappointed actually. Would be so happy if i could find more! hahaha. I wanna see that stupid lala gothic asshole. Oh well, here it is!

Don't ask. Even I wonder what was going on in my head then. LOL! CUTE LEH! :P

Anyway, I just remembered something. Yesterday was the 25th. Meaning it was me and Kaichen's 14th month! OMG. I feel so lousy for forgetting la deyy. kay whateverz. Signing out! Ciaoooo! :P


  1. SEAFOOD WOMAN! Haha you were so lala back then :O

  2. Adele, HAHAHA. You have no idea man! I can't find the other pictures. Even more dramatic! Eeeee.


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤