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Edu Fair @ Anggerik Mall

Bet you guys didn't know i chopped off my fringe! :P 
Miss me leh? Haha. After so long, I'm glad so many of you still haven't give up on me and this stupid blog of mine. July's such a hectic month D: So many useless events. Busy every weekend. Have to time to study. (hahha! My little excuse) Anyway, gonna update on my school trip to Anggerik Mall for education fair :D Took a bus there of course.
In the bus. Haven't put on my contacts. Yes, i can't believe it either, i had to put on my contacts in the bus. Kept on bumping and rocking and shaking and jumping. 
You see! Only one eye. HAHA. Had to wait for the bus to stop at a red light in order to put on the second one :O

Eugene sleeping soundly in the bus. hahaha
My ahma. His name is Ahmong :P
Lynn so cutee! haha
Jia so white -__- 
Ohh. She feels that she's short!
Me and my baby shoes! ZAAKK!!