Saturday, July 30, 2011 ❣

Review of my July.

Never leave someone good to see if you can find better. Because when you realize you already had the best, you will find that the best found better.
This quote has been circulating my mind for these couple of days. I don't know why am i so mean lately. My sister told me its not my fault, I was just being realistic. Anyway, don't get confused. Let's just skip it. 

So erm, YAY? July's about to end. And we're only a few weeks away from SPM trials! :D WEE. Can't wait! lol. I noticed i only did one post for July. Which totally sucks. Gosh. What have i been doing lately? Really so busy meh? Tsk tsk. No la, actually I wanted to update my blog many times already. Just that i can't seem to find any  pictures. And no pictures = no fun. So what for i want to update a funless post. Hor? ^.<

I celebrated more than 3 birthdays this month. You know laa. So many July babies.Any you know what that means. FATTY CAKES! Layers and layers of fats! Speaking of food, I have been eating a lot lately. I mean like seriously. I eat 3 bowls of rice for dinner. And i can't sleep without my supper swimming all around my tummy. OMG. I'm gonna turn into a fat ugly disgusting old lady! AHHHH! Okay, back to my story. 

Well, for one there was my beloved form teacher Miss Yang's birthday. Yeap. She's 30 this year.
We all love her very much! :D

And my lovable brother's birthday. Count the candles la. He's nineteen :D

And then there was my best best friend Melissa's birthday. Well, we didn't get any cake for her. But we did brought her out to BBQ Plaza. haha. So the chopsticks will be her candle la. HAHAH!

Oh! And there was also a Carnival held at our school. 
We opened a stall and sold lots of fatty foods. It was a tiring day.

We bakes loads and load sof chocolate muffin! Nice leh? :P

And also lots of chocolate chip cookies. Veli delicious one :P

And we even drew our own banner for our stall. Ahh. I'm still so amazed at my art skills :P haha.

And on top of all that

2NE1's 2nd Mini album was released too.

So erhh, i guess that's it for July. Besides birthdays, countless outings and many useless events, July was actually a month of pain for me. LOL! Stomach ache that is. No la. I feel that during July, the relationship between my sister and I became closer. I'm so happy :') *tears of joy. LOL But seriously, my tummy has been hurting a lot lately. HAHAH! Okay then. Now everyone say BYE to JULY!

Gonna get ready. Going out to yamcha with Eugene later :D Ciaooo.

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