Monday, August 15, 2011 ❣

Getting ready?

I have a heck of a hard time understanding myself and my feelings towards you. Am i what i think i am? I really don't want to be :'( I really feel like crying every time i think about this situation i'm in now.

Okay la. Whatever! :D SPM is in 91 days! And another reminder! SPM TRIALS is 22 days away! Am I nervous? Mehh. A little maybe? But mostly excited! HEHE! The weird thing is that I am not nervous for SPM, but I'm super nervous for trials! wtf right? I have no idea either weeehh :P

Short summary time! Last weekend, saya terlibat dalam Pertandingan Menyanyi Peringkat Negeri! :D But lose la. Was a little devastated la of course. Cried a little too. But its okay! ^_^ We're all here to gain experience!

The night before our competition, Daniel came to my house to practice practice :D He stayed at my place for the night. Nyahahahaha! He slept in my room, ON THE FLOOR. He said it was very very cold! haha

And i got a very BIG *coughs* SURPRISE from my baobei Jiajia! Aiyaa. She's a really BAD liar. So she really don't know how to plan surprises. I could tell that she was lying when she told me she couldn't make it to the competition. So.. I just play along laa :P I love her very much! She's always there when i need her :)

 And now 2 weeks ago! Ohhh. That's long. HAHA. I went for 30hours Famine! 
Nyeehehehe! I can see me! :P There were around a hundred people maybe? Little you think? 
Try having 50 people stuffed in the toilet. So claustrophobic-ey. LOL 

Now that all of these events are over, I am so going to GET MY HEAD IN THE GAME. lol! *i feel like Troy Bolton! Nono! A basketball player! roflmfao. HAHA! Okay la. Going to stop now. OH WAIT! Eh eh! I'm thinking of going blonde! Hahah! Suits me? I mean the CL blonde! :D

Off to catch the free trip to dreamland. Nighty night folks!


  1. 50 people in the toilet...

    that's one big toilet your school has

  2. Serge Norguard,
    Its not a school :P It's at Kompleks Rakan Muda.
    And we're showering in those type of public toilet. Like ewwww :P MAD.


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤