Tuesday, August 2, 2011 ❣

Hello August!

Hello August! Heeh. I'm blogging again, surprisingly :P Anyway, time flies huh? It's August already. Everyone's got durian at home! HAHA. And happy puasa-ing my malay friends and readers! <3

So ahh. emm. I think so far I have two more events left for this month. And after that is time to concentrate on my SPM :D One of them is my Chinese Singing Competition @ SMK Miharja on the 13th. The peculiar thing is that i am not nervous at all. Okay then, whatever. I'm also going for the 30hours Famine this weekend. I'm kinda nervous about this! :P Scared i'll die. Cause i really can't starve myself. I think i roll all over the ground crying for food. 

Di samping itu, saya juga berharap saya benar-benar akan berhenti dengan semua aktiviti-aktiviti dan outings yang amat useless ini secepat mungkin. Hanya tinggal 105 hari sehingga SPM leh! Saya perlulah menumpukan sepenuh perhatian pada ajaran guru di dalam kelas.

That was random. Anyway, I've changed launcher on my phone. After use Launcher Pro for like one thousand years, i decided to change. Currently using GO Launcher Ex. See my super duper cute Hello Kitty Theme! HAHAHA. So pinky! Kinda lazy to do screen shots. So just simply snap a pic :P

Cute leh? lol. i feel like eating my phone! hahaha. I won't be updating my blog as frequently as i used to from now on. Cause, well, you know laa. Same old reasons. Studies, friends, laziness? :P

Before i go :P See my ugly pig-rabbit face! :D

Signing out and gonna continue being a fatty. taa!


Funny you scrolled all the way down here :P Hehehe. Have a great day ahead ❤