Friday, September 23, 2011 ❣

Just a little more!

Hello my lovable readers! 

I went to my baobei Jiajia's house for a small party today. Heeh. Its to celebrate the ALMOST ending of our exams! HAHA! Kinda retarded right. But yeah. Only a couple more subjects to go! Yay! Hmmm. So yeah. Went to her house to eat eat and eat! And not to forget, I had a photoshoot session with Jia & Daniel. Tho I was the one holding the camera the whole time. Cause they're damn cacat with the camera. Can't blame them. Heh! So.. I'm their photographer today. HAHA! But of course I got a few pictures too :P

You thought I was gonna update loads of pictures lehhh? Awww, you're so stupidly cute. But seriously lah. I got like 200 pictures to rotate, resize and edit. That means I'm not gonna update about my day today. I'll update tomorrow :D PINKY PROMISE! Heh. Like what else do I have to do on a Saturday right?

Okay then. BUH BAIII! Wait for my post peeps :)

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