Saturday, September 24, 2011 ❣

Our mini party!

Hello again! :) 

I'm trying fcking hard to stop thinking about the Korean Music Wave concert that's going on today. I feel like killing myself. SHIT! Why does it have to be in between exams! I'm gonna miss GD TOP & SEUNGRI :( Damn angry. And of course SAD too :( K. Skip.

Photoshoot pictures of some handsome and pretty people are at the end of this post. KEEP READING! :D

I'd look much cooler in the 1st picture with a cigarette in my hand! HAHA 

The day before yesterday, some stupid construction workers broke the underground pipe that was suppose to be carrying all the water to my street. BROKEN. So, no water coming into my house. And they spent the whole night fixing the street. No car could pass through. My house is at the peak of the hill top. So we had to walk up and down. pssh 

Anyway, here I am on a Saturday. Though I can't help but feel that there's some where i was suppose to go with someone. Shit! Stml man. I have a feeling someone's gonna be very mad at me. 

Okay. Bring your head back here. I went to Jia's house at around 10am. Only Jia, Victor & I in the house. SO BOH-RINGG. I just kept rolling here and there. haha. We started preparing all the food after Mong and Teng came. They had their Chinese paper today. So they came to Jia's house after school. 

Likey her floral sofa! SO NICE!

I was soooo bored! I asked Victor if they had any ghost movies to watch. And he gave me GANTZ. This movie is seriously not bad! Except for the part where i fell asleep. LOL. Joking la. I was nice! Very chi gek. But i never got to finish it T.T


YAY! Then AhMong & Teng came already! No more bored!

While he was taking his clothes out, his UNDERWEAR dropped out! Nyahahahha!
And there were 3 girls in the house. Jia was like 'AHHH! I SAW THAT!' HAHAHA! So embarrassing! 

My cutie baobei! :P

Crazy Jia playing with her food. tsk tsk :P

Waited for YitSheun and Daniel to come, then we STTTEEEEEAAAAAAM THE BOOOOAAATTT!

She said her face is very big. So i told her to use her hands to cover some of her face. HAHAHA So smart leh!

Destroying her computer! Hahaha. Nothing to do but to play computer, guitar...


After our first round of eating, Jia and Daniel ask me to do a photoshoot with them. Threw some makeup on and BOOM! :D

Now time for all of their pictures! :) Enjoy!

Daniel Wong Chun Yee 

Sandy Jia 

Okay laa. These two green ones are just for fun. HAHA! But i still think she looks nice! HAHA!

To Jia & Daniel :
Pay me please. I take nice pictures for you. So I want big present for my birthday. Thanks! ^.<

Anyway, after the so called 'party'. Teng fetch me home. Ahmong came to my house too. To shower. LOL! haha. After that we head off to Physics & Chemistry tuition together :D Had tons of fun with them! hehe. Xie xie Mong, Jia, Teng, Daniel, YitSheun & Victor!! :D


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