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The month of October.

Hello pretty people! :) ♥

Wooooo. Its been a while since I last updated. That brings me to one stupid conclusion. I think I have a very big problem. lol. Losing my blogging mojo and then gaining it back again. GRRR. Sometimes I blog too much. Like seriously a lot. But sometimes I just don't have the mood to blog at all. So not consistent weeehh D: This is why I lose so many readers :(

Ok la. Skip that. My birthday was just over not long ago. I wanted to blog about it, but I seriously did nothing on that day. Cause idk why the timing so frigging awesome. My bro was admitted into the hospital on my birthday. So everyone was worrying & totally forgotten about my big day. Anyway, whatever la. I still got to celebrate with my beloved KaiChen & my big lovely family one day before! :D

Went to Pyramid with the boyf for movie :D And then head to cousin Jowie's house for party! :) Me love them so much!

Both my delicious cakes :P
Nyeeheeehehe. happy girl! :P
Okay. Yo…